Error Leads to Remarkable Improvement in Mum’s Heart Condition

Clare Sullivan attended Donna's introductory Energy Medicine class in Manchester, England, in March. She mistakenly wound up with two copies of the Energy Medicine: The Essential Techniques DVD program and wrote to our U.K. organizer to see if she could exchange one of them. Meanwhile, she writes:

"My mum has had a condition with her heart for two years that she didn't tell me about. She was booked to see a specialist. I was raving about the evening with Donna, and she asked, in a roundabout way, whether Donna did anything for hearts. I suspected [my mum] had a problem, so I checked the book, and in a roundabout way I told her hearts can be helped by tracing the heart meridian. And I showed her. I also showed her the Daily Energy Routine for general health (again in a roundabout way). I knew it was for her but pretended I didn't. I also gave her the extra DVD program.

A few days later she said, 'There is something in this Energy Medicine' and told that her two-year condition had markedly improved. It was a severe condition that started with violent thumping in her chest, leading to her fainting. She had endured this every day for almost two years!

After two weeks of doing the Daily Energy Routine, tracing and flushing meridians, and strengthening heart meridian, the condition has virtually stopped! She still gets the occasional hard thumping in her chest, but it is very rare and diminishing in its intensity. We are further refining what she needs to do each day. I am not 100% sure what the cause was, and whether it has gone for good, but the extra DVD set certainly was put to good use."