Energy Fest Presenter Package

For all you teachers, presenters, and wonderful healers out there with gifts to share...

Come Be a Presenter at Energy Fest and Share Your Gifts with Our Tribe!

We have put together a great benefit package for our presenters! 

We'd love for you to share in the success of Energy Fest! 

We are thrilled to be bringing back our international convention and are excited to invite you to become a presenter. In addition to our keynotes and a presentation by Donna, we have 21 slots available for tribe members just like you

We recognize and value that your presentation will be a vital piece to making the overall experience incredibly positive for all our attendees.  And since we are livestreaming all our presentations, we know we will reach more people than ever before.

We are projecting a very successful event. As a presenter, you will receive a benefits package and an opportunity to share in our profits with our revenue share program.

A Great Benefits Package That Lets You Enjoy Energy Fest Keynotes and Classes for FREE

We are offering our presenters, based on one 2.5-hour class taught, the following onsite benefits:

  • One Full Access Pass for the 4 Full Days of Energy Fest, which includes access to Donna's featured presentation, all keynotes, and breakout classes.
  • Priority Registration so you get access to the classes you want before they sell out!
  • Meal Plan Pass so you can enjoy your breakfasts and lunches for FREE with the attendees. 
  • Product sales table in your classroom so you can sell your own products during your presentation time.
  • Unedited audio or video recording of your presentation for your own use. Some presentations will be recorded audio only. 
  • Plus, read on for our revenue share and affiliate programs.

Our Revenue Sharing Program for Presenters 

Presenters at Energy Fest 2020 also will be eligible to participate in the following revenue share programs. We anticipate 600+ livestream sales of Energy Fest based on our previous livestream events. While the following numbers are not guaranteed, they are offered in good faith for your convenience:

Revenue Sharing Program 

This system is a tiered system that will grant you a royalty based on the number of sales:

  • The revenue from the first 300 livestream sales are reserved for Eden Method to help recover the cost of producing Energy Fest.
  • For livestream sales #301-#400, each presenter will receive a 0.5% royalty.  (Current estimated value for 400 sales = $247 )
  • For livestream sales #401-#500, each presenter will receive a 1% royalty.  (Current estimated value for 500 sales = $247 + $495 = $742 ) 
  • For livestream sales #501 and above, each presenter will receive a 1.5% royalty.  (Current estimated value for 550 sales = $247 + $495 + $371 = $1113 )

In other words: At the current estimate of 550 livestream sales – which we view as highly likely to occur at minimum – each presenter would receive a royalty check of $1,113 in addition to their benefits package.

Affiliate Commissions

Presenters also can collect significant commissions from partnering with Eden Method in offering livestream sales to their audience.

Affiliate partners will be provided with a unique referral link that will track sales made by your referrals. You will receive a 40% commission for each livestream sale you refer.

For example: While purchase prices may vary, based on current estimates, an affiliate partner could make over $1,000 in additional revenue with only six sales!

All affiliate commissions are in addition to any money earned through the revenue share program.

Thank you for your interest in presenting at Energy Fest 2020!

Submissions are Due By December 1st.