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Energy Fest
September 4-9, 2024
Tuscon, Arizona

Bringing Together Our Community to Share ALL Things Energy! 

Energy Fest is an event like no other! People from all over the world (and all walks of life) come together to share ideas and personal discoveries around the power of ENERGY to heal and change lives.

From beginners to advanced healers, there is something for everyone and we want YOU to be a part of our teaching team. If you have a passion, a discovery, a technique, a specialty that you'd like to share, we would love to read about it. We want a very varied list of classes for people to choose from so don't be shy. Submit a proposal and join one of the most inspiring events of the year.

Important Dates and Details for Submitting Your Proposal 

If you would like to be a presenter, please complete the form below by December 4, 2023.  All proposals are welcome. Be sure to read the Proposal Guidelines and Suggestions section below on how to submit a great proposal. Decisions will be made by January 1, 2024.

Compensation for presenting at Energy Fest consists of complimentary registration to Energy Fest 2024, including group meals and dance party, for presenter and one co-presenter (if included in the proposal submission package). Hotel room is not included in the Presenter Compensation.

We have 21 teaching slots available for our 2.5 hour breakout sessions, so please don't miss the deadline as these slots will fill up quickly.

When you have a class in mind that you'd like to teach, fill out the form below. We will make our decisions on final selections by January 1, 2024.

Proposal Guidelines and Suggestions

We offer these guidelines and suggestions in response to the frequently asked question “what will help my proposal be accepted?”  Our Selection Committee will be reviewing lots of proposals, so it's important that your proposal is clear and gives the committee a good idea of what will happen in class. 

Please note that these are only suggestions.  You are always welcome (and encouraged) to use your own words and emphasize the points that matter most to you.

There are four areas of focus used by the Selection Committee.

1: Title
Your choice of title whets the appetite of the reader towards that material.  

  • Does your title reflect your class description and intent? Please take the time to reread your description, reflect on your intent with the class, and see if that message is reflected in your title. Ask someone else to read your title and tell you what they expect the class to be like and about.  Avoid non-descriptive, generic titles. 
  • Don't let your title be too long. Shorter title can have more appeal than longer ones to some segments of the audience.

2: Bio
This establishes your credibility in delivering your message. Why should someone think of you as an expert in this area, or at least possessing a unique/qualified perspective that is worthy of an attendee investing their valuable time in your class?

  • Be specific about your past study and your mentors. Instead of saying, "I've studied with many mentors...", list your mentors and the specific topics you have studied.
  • Be concise and to the point. Don’t let your best qualities get lost in a stream of lengthy descriptions. 

3: Description
This is the most important area. Potential attendees should be able to understand the classroom experience as a result of reading your description. The most common error here is spending too much time describing WHY this topic is important and not enough time describing WHAT the attendee will learn/experience to remedy the “why.”  After the reading the description, it should be clear:

  • What is the class about? Every year a few proposals ignore this basic element. (“In this class you will learn XXX,” or “During this class we will explore YYY.”)
  • What type of class is this, and what will the classroom experience entail? Lecture, Demonstration, Hands-on, Interactive? Or maybe a combination? (While we ask this question later in the proposal form, that information is not included in the class description unless you include it here.)
  • Why does this topic matter? You will be teaching simultaneously with up to six other classes at the same time. Why should the attendee choose your class over those other choices?
  • Who is the audience for this class? Is this for a specific group or sub-group? (Reflexologists? EEM Practitioners? Researchers? Experts? Beginners? Everyone?)
  • What will the attendee take away with them in terms of wisdom when they leave your class? Will they learn new techniques, or be wiser in a certain area, or maybe just feel better about themselves and their world?

4: How your class relates to Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) 
This is admittedly somewhat subjective. Some classes may directly relate to EEM, some may borrow from EEM traditions, some may be more connected to Energy Psychology, and some may just share the same goals. There is no right or wrong answer here; we are looking for balance. While most of our classes selected for Energy Fest have ties directly to EEM (as might be expected), we make a conscious effort to encourage and embrace classes that may simply run parallel to the goals of EEM in “Raising the Vibration of the Planet – One Person at a Time.”

Please Complete This Form By December 4, 2023