Energy Psychology and the PTSD Epidemic

More than one million veterans suffer with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD makes it extraordinarily difficult to adjust to civilian life. Reliable estimates suggest that 130,000 to 200,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. Every hour another soldier who has returned from Afghanistan or Iraq dies by his or her own hand.

The Veterans Health Administration has famously bungled its responsibilities to these men and women. Meanwhile, a small group of therapists have been tirelessly providing a form of treatment that neither the military nor the VA has been willing to adopt, despite multiple passionate attempts on our own parts and those of our sister organizations to persuade decision-makers to give it a trial.

Many of these therapists volunteer part of their time to the Veterans Stress Project, a nonprofit organization that provides veterans with free or low-cost EFT treatments. (EFT is the most common form of Energy Psychology.)

Here are some reports from those they have served:

“I finally have been able to sleep at night without waking up in combat. I can still recall the memories, just without all the guilt, shame, and fear. I finally have my life back and can become the father, son, and husband that I once was.” – B.D., Staff Sergeant

“After EFT I feel released from an emotional prison. My severe hyper-vigilance has been dissolved. I now frequently experience joy and happiness. Mental blocks to creativity and prosperity have been removed.” – M.L., Desert Storm, Sergeant, US Army Medic

“I served with the Army in Korea in 1951 and for 60 years have had a very painful/emotional memory that has plagued me all these years. After one hour I could mentally revisit that Korean experience, and it was as though I was watching an old newsreel of a 20-year-old GI’s (me) experience … and there was absolutely no emotional charge to it.” – C.A., Korea, Army

“All the years since Vietnam I had horrible nightmares. The nightmares stopped immediately after we did an EFT session on the nightmares. That was over a year and a half ago, and I haven't had a nightmare since. After all those years since Vietnam, the horrific, in-living-color, violent nightmares are gone. All the guilt I've carried for all these years is gone. You can't buy that kind of feeling. I've walked out of EFT sessions in total peace.” – C.Y., Vietnam, Marines

“Now I have a tool I can use immediately. I can sit down and spend five or six minutes tapping instead of spending time in a psych ward." – A.L., 85, Korean War, Marines

“The war is just a training mission compared to the real battle: the personal combat that starts when you come home. And without EFT you go in unarmed. Where was this 11 years ago?” – K.S., Iraq, Marines

"I can sleep at night without pills. I have friends, and best of all I have my life back. For the first time since my combat days ended, I can share my stories with my loved ones without the fear of my own emotional responses. Thank you, Veterans Stress Project. Thank you, EFT. Most notably to me, thank you, Marilyn, you saved my life. When asked how I feel, my only response is, ‘I’m free.’” – D.S., Afghanistan, Army

Case reports and testimonials do not constitute scientific evidence. But systematic clinical trials published in peer-reviewed journals have also established the effectiveness of Energy Psychology.