Energy Medicine Wows a (Tough) Crowd in Taiwan

Annamaria Paciulli of Italy was one of our most talented and cherished EEM practitioners. She was also one of our greatest advocates. Sadly, Annamaria passed away a few years ago. However her passion and devotion to energy medicine live on in her students and in the lives she touched around the world. We remember a wonderful story she shared with us about teaching EEM in Taiwan.

Annamaria’s visit to Taiwan happened around the time The Energies of Love book was launched and she was delighted that energy medicine techniques were being fully embraced in Taipei (the capital of Taiwan). Annamaria shared: “I have to tell you that many have been positively surprised by the techniques Donna has put together, especially as compared to the ones they are used to here. You have new enthusiasts down here in the capital of Taiwan!”

Soon enough Annamaria was being asked to teach classes in Taipei. From saying “yes” to the first invitation, it was but a week before she, accompanied by a translator, was standing in front of 33 healers teaching the Daily Energy Routine. “It was tough stuff!” she said. “Most of the listeners could see energy and were psychics too, so I couldn't fool them! I began in front of very serious (almost frowning) and scrutinizing faces, the most gentle of which was a wooden dragon statue, lurking in the corner!” 

But by the end of the class, Annamaria said that she “left a laughing little crowd who had lost its collective poise.” She was thrilled that energy medicine had won them all over. “I almost developed a backache bowing to everybody multiple times as they left the room with a grin while saying, ‘bye bye, teacher!’ and  ‘thank you, teacher.’ I was told afterward that everybody commented on how quick these exercises work and how easy they are. They were asking if I could show them more!” 

Annamaria’s visit was a result of Julia Hsu’s work on The Energies of Love. Julia, an EEM practitioner and medical doctor in Taiwan, helped to ensure that the translation of the book was accurate. Julia has taught many energy medicine classes to large audiences in her country and she helped to promote the book with an evening presentation and book-signing that attracted some 400 people.