Energy Medicine Used to Accelerate Post-Surgery Recovery

Emergency appendectomies are no fun for anyone, but some recoveries are harder than others. An Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner who works in a hospital system in Florida was asked to see a middle-aged man twelve hours after he’d had this particular surgery because he was not doing very well. Not only did he have post-op pain, he was uncomfortable from the nasal-gastric tube running down his throat, highly agitated, and white as a sheet. His devoted family was worried about him and wondered what else the hospital could provide in addition to medication to ease his discomfort. During and after the Energy Medicine (EM) session that was provided, this patient’s pain level dropped, he became calm, and to the surprise of his doctors, he improved so quickly that he was discharged in less than seventy-two hours.

Patricia Butler is an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP) who practices Energy Medicine at Orlando Health, a comprehensive healthcare network in Orlando, Florida, and she was asked by the hospital’s Mind/Body/Spirit Program to provide a session for this patient the morning after his midnight surgery. After meeting the patient and his family, she explained that energy medicine is a complement to standard medical care, often sooths patients, and is completely compatible with the doctor’s plan of care. Once the patient nodded his consent, she went to work.

After starting with a Hook-up, Pat held neurovascular points on the patient’s forehead and crown area to help ease his obvious distress; then, certain that his energy patterns had been scrambled from surgery and medication, she held his K 27 points to redirect the flow in his meridian pathways. Next, she wove figure eight patterns throughout his aura to coax his energies to cross from one side of his body to the other, and to everyone’s surprise, within minutes, he calmed down and the color came back to his face.

In hospital settings, Energy Medicine can be interrupted for any number of reasons, and so it was that in the middle of this session the patient was moved to a private room for which he’d been waiting. Going with the flow, Pat saw a chance to help his anxious and bleary-eyed wife, who’d been up for the past thirty-six hours, and asked if she could hold her Neurovascular points while she sat in a chair. The wife had seen the effect it had on her husband, so she readily agreed. Within minutes, she was yawning deeply and saying, “I feel so much calmer. What is this stuff?”

Once settled into his new room, Pat turned her attention back to the patient. She sedated his Triple Warmer meridian by holding Acupuncture points, knowing it had been in high gear from reacting to a ruptured appendix, peritonitis, and surgery. Then she strengthened his spleen meridian to help his body metabolize both the medical interventions and the energy work that was being done. Finally, she cleared his chakras during which he drifted in and out of sleep. One time when he surfaced, he told her, to her surprise, that he could feel the whirling motion of the energy as she spun his chakras inches above his body. By the end of the session, he was asleep and breathing comfortably. His wife and family were perplexed about what had happened, but grateful for the results.

Twenty-four hours later, Pat checked on the patient to see how he was doing and found him standing beside his hospital bed in a smart-looking robe looking like he’d just stepped out of a magazine. He told her that he felt “completely different” than he had yesterday and had just gotten back from a short walk around the hospital floor. His wife was smiling brightly, too, pleased about her husband’s progress and refreshed from the unexpected nine hours of sleep she’d been able to get. She felt that the neurovascular work had helped her to let go of her stress and sleep more deeply.

The next day, Pat listened to a voicemail from the patient’s wife saying that he was already home and resting comfortably less than 72 hours after his surgery. His doctors were surprised at his unexpectedly-good white blood cell count and intrigued that he had no fever. She was grateful for the skilled surgeon and the entire medical team who gave him such good care, but felt that Energy Medicine was the reason for his rapid turn-around and early discharge.

(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong)