Energy Medicine Relieves A Sleep Disorder

An Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) practitioner in France used energy medicine techniques with a female client who had a severe case of periodic limb movement while sleeping (PLMS). After three sessions and two weeks of daily work on herself, the patient reported that she was sleeping without PLMS symptoms.

PMLS is a sleep disorder characterized by episodes of repetitive muscle movements. They cannot be controlled and can severely disrupt the sleep cycle, resulting in weariness during the day.

Maria Delattre is an EEM practitioner in France who had a 64-year-old client who was suffering from a severe case of PLMS which had been ongoing for fifteen years. Her client suffered leg-kicking symptoms every night before and while she slept. The kicking would make it difficult to fall asleep and would often wake her during sleep. The symptoms were severe enough that she had torn her abdominal muscles and had a hernia below her ribcage on her right side. She had also recently begun to suffer an expansion of the symptoms into her arms. In addition to the physical symptoms, she also experienced a great deal of anger at the condition, directed at her body for being "so mean" to her.

Maria worked with her during three sessions.

During the first session, on February 9, Maria assessed the basic Daily Energy routine energies. She found that her client's hook up, crown pull, and a Tibetan ring from left shoulder to right hip were off. Maria also assessed that her client's aura was detached in the location of the hernia. The client's triple warmer became stimulated during the session and further testing was more difficult, but Maria was able to test the 3rd through the 7th chakras.

During the rest of the session Maria cleared the chakras and gave her client homework, consisting of a number of exercises that the client could perform herself. These included:

  • Tracing figure 8's along the Tibetan ring – a task that was difficult for the client to do because of the disorganized energy at that location.
  • Hook-up
  • Crown pull
  • Clearing of third and fifth chakras. (the client a smoker, had an ongoing condition on her throat but this does not seem relevant to the leg condition)

The second session took place on February 16. At this time, Maria was able to assess the state of her client's meridians and found that the lung meridian, in particular, was out of balance.

Maria gave her a Quickie Energy Balancer and corrected all the meridians. She also did the Starfish Connection and balanced the connection between the water and fire elements. She gave her client the same homework assignment and included an evening hookup and the other exercises in the daily routine.

Maria met the client for the third session on February 23. During this session Maria had an insight that perhaps the hook up was not holding. She reasoned that the symptoms of leg-kicking were similar to an epileptic spasm and since that epileptic seizure can be addressed with a hook-up process, that perhaps this was impacting her client's experience as well.

Maria completed the hook up and checked her client's seed cells. She found the seed cells on her legs were imbalanced so she did corrections on them. Then she gave her client this list of exercises:

Before bed:

  • Hook-up navel and 3rd eye
  • Hook-up navel and power point (GV 16)
  • Trace triple warmer backwards 3 times on each side and 3 times on each side tapping
  • Massage seed cells
  • Hook-up again

Upon waking:

  • Massage the seed cells on the legs
  • 5 minute daily energy routine.
  • Ileocecal valve correction

Maria's client followed this protocol and after two days started falling asleep without kicking. During the following two weeks, she started kicking every night a little bit later than the previous day. Also, the hook up was holding longer and longer as time went on.

Finally, after two weeks, she slept a whole night without kicking!

In April a follow up was done. At that time, her client reported that she had slept three nights in a row without kicking and was not feeling desperate about the condition any longer. Maria did verify that she was massaging the correct points and found that the client was massaging two incorrect points (and thereby missing two correct points). She gave her client additional instructions on this matter and is hopeful that even better results will be seen. She notes that it is important to check the client's understanding of the process to ensure correct actions are being done.

No other treatment was used. Maria has expressed her amazement over the ease with which change took place once she came to understand the role that the hook up was playing in these symptoms. She comments: "Everything we learned in the Certification Program just falls into place, we do the energy assessments, and we are like guided to discover what energy system needs balancing and from there healing can begin."

Maria is available for comments and inquiries pertaining to this case history. She can be reached by email at: [email protected]