Energy Medicine Provides a Light for a Man Suffering with Incurable, Agonizing, Chronic Pain

Adi Saavedra contacted Donna by email last spring to offer his gratitude for Energy Medicine. Adi is ill with a chronic disease and suffers from a number of syndromes, including an extreme form of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). He has had only marginal exposure to Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), but has used it to help manage the pain and discomfort from the MCS and related issues.

When Adi was 21-years-old, he became very ill. Over the years he has had a litany of tests, diagnoses and prescriptions, but the illness has continued, and his condition has deteriorated over the years. He is now 34-years-old. The exact diagnosis of his disease has been difficult to establish. He has tested positive for the Lyme spirochete (Borrelia Burgdorferi), but his doctor believes his main issue is Babesiosis, which is a malaria-like parasitic disease. There are other disease indications as well, but none of the medical tests have been conclusive, and therefore the solutions offered by the medical community have not been very helpful.

Correlated with these disease factors are a number of syndromes that he must live with, including MCS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Sick Building Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Mold Illness.

For most of his time he must stay at home, keeping plastic over the doors and windows and using a medical grade air purifier. But of course, he cannot stay in his house all of the time. When he goes into an environment that he cannot control, he will almost always have a reaction. If the reaction is not acute, he can try to control it with medicines, herbs, or minerals. If his reaction is acute, there is nothing he can do and must endure extreme pain. This has been his life until recently, when someone gave him Donna's book, Energy Medicine.

He began reading the book, was inspired to look for more information, and found Donna's videos on YouTube. The instructions on the Daily Energy Routine were of particular interest. He began using the Daily Energy Routine. This occurred during a period that he was having a new water heater installed and had gone into a 3-week acute reaction. Though normally in this situation he can only writhe in pain, he found that doing the Daily Routine allowed him to feel joy, even through the pain and exhaustion. He was surprised and delighted since the experience of joy had been absent for so long. He also discovered that doing the Daily Energy Routine helped him break through a pattern of disempowerment. Before Energy Medicine, he was powerless to help himself through these acute reactions. After using the Daily Energy Routine, he realized that he now had the ability to heal his energy and be happy in the toughest moments of his life.

It has been about 6 months since he began using Energy Medicine. When asked how if he was still using it and whether his condition had changed he reported:

"Some days I'm just in too much pain to move, or I'm in so much pain that it obfuscates my ability to remember to do the Daily Routine! But I do it as often as I can remember and move and it NEVER fails to help me to feel better. It always increases my energy, and I feel an expansion in the flow of energy, if that makes any sense. But the very most helpful thing it does is allow me to feel joy in spite of generally unbearable pain. That is something unprecedented and I strongly believe EM is the only thing with the power to make that happen. This is why my gratitude to Donna Eden and EM is so deep, and why I took the time to write to let her know. Living life in extreme pain is one thing, but the fact that the pain impedes one's ability to feel joy can cause one to feel that there is no meaning to life and that life is not worth the struggle of surviving. Over the last two years I have connected with around 500 people who have, and while only 10 of them have actually committed suicide, not a single one of us gets through a day without considering it. This is largely due to our inability to feel joy. Pain is bearable as long as joy is possible. Thus, not only does EM have the power to help very sick bodies feel physically and emotionally better, it has the power to save lives. I live my life a day at a time and I can honestly say, it has saved my life on many a day. ;-)"

(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong, September 2011)