Energy Medicine on a Newborn Calf

by Lenie Kavelaars, The Netherlands

I’ve been reading Donna’s Energy Medicine book for years (in Dutch) and have been applying her knowledge to my clients and myself. But one morning (May 15, 2013), I took on a very different sort of client.

While giving an energetic session to an 80-year-old dairy farmer who has been a client for a while, I noticed that his energy felt different from usual, so I asked him why. He told me that the previous night, a large calf had been born on his farm via a Cesarean section, but the calf wouldn’t stand up and apparently couldn’t suckle. He was afraid they were going to lose the calf.

Something stirred inside me, and after his energy session was finished, I asked the farmer if I could take a look at the calf. I was thinking about Triple Warmer (TW) and Spleen meridians, especially in this case because of the traumatic birth. I went to see the calf thinking, “If it doesn’t work, at least it doesn’t harm.” I also took my magnet with me. (I have no notion what gave me the idea to bring it.)

The calf was lying on straw and didn’t get up onto its legs when I came closer – something a young calf almost always does when someone approaches it. (To me, this is the TW reaction so it can run away if needed.)

Slowly, on the side of the calf’s body facing up, I began flushing TW: I traced against the TW meridian flow starting around his right ear and moving toward his right front foot. Then I traced TW forward a number of times, moving from his right front foot up his right leg to his right temple.

Slowly the newborn calf tried to stand up, and with help from the farmer, we were able to keep the calf standing so I could flush TW on the other side of his body. I then traced Spleen meridian forward a number of times on both sides of the calf.

After that, I started rubbing the Neurolymphatic Reflex points along its spine (like giving him a Spinal Flush). And what did the calf do? He decided he was hungry!

The farmer put his fingers into the calf’s mouth, and it started sucking! The farmer said to me, “He wants to suck!” And we were both so happy.

But the calf was still not steady on its legs and fell down if we didn’t hold it up. So I put one of my hands between his ears on the top of his head and placed the magnet I’d brought with me on the bottom end of his spine, south side facing down.

The calf got very restless, so I turned the magnet over with the north side facing down. And, YES, it worked! The calf was trying to find its balance, and the magnet helped it become stable!

We left the barn, and the calf kept standing by itself. The farmer went to fetch a bottle for him – first one with sugar water, followed by one with milk. The calf drank from both and did very well.

I believe that the calf is alive today because of Donna’s knowledge and the important insights she has shared with us all. Many, many thanks for that. I do want to mention that I totally relied on my intuition during the whole procedure in doing what I did. We did not surrogate test the calf, although we could have, I guess. No other treatments were used.  

I would be very happy to discuss this further with anyone who has questions. [email protected]