Energy Medicine Interventions to Help Balance Hormones

By Gopita Katharine Manning

Working with Jane has been a remarkable journey. Over the last five years, we have worked on and healed her hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), her IBS, extreme nausea, and a tendency toward other conditions which Chinese medicine calls “excess.”

In the beginning, my work with Jane consisted of treating what is known as stagnant liver chi. She needed to rest. She needed to learn to breathe properly. She needed to correct homolateral repatterning daily. Her marriage needed attention. Her work situation was very stressful. Her commute in LA traffic was long and difficult.

So, we worked on how to relax Liver meridian, how to improve digestion, and how to correct homolateral energies. Through the Daily Energy Routine and sessions on the table, slowly, but surely, Jane had success in each of these areas.

About a year ago, however, Jane ran into what seemed an almost insurmountable health problem. She was bleeding vaginally and had severe endometriosis. Her periods were horrendous. Her doctor recommended hormones. I knew the problems this approach could cause, but in spite of my protestations, Jane opted for hormone treatment.

Within six months, Jane’s liver problems had returned. She was also angry, irritable, sweaty, and her stomach problems had also come back. Despite the hormone medication, I worked on Jane’s hormone issues, focusing each session on relaxing her Liver meridian, strengthening Spleen meridian, and sedating Kidney meridian. I always began each session by opening her pelvis with sedating Circulation Sex meridian. We were making some headway. It was slow going, but eventually, Jane decided to titrate herself off of the tablets. She did so very, very slowly.

Her bleeding continued, but we persevered. Each session (we worked together every three weeks for about four months), I balanced Spleen and Stomach meridians, and taught her how to hold Kidney meridian sedating points at home. I particularly saw results in stimulating Spleen 6 and Stomach 36 points.

What eventually happened has been remarkable. She no longer has any bleeding at all. Her period has regulated to 28 days. And her “codependent neediness” (her words) has remitted! Her thinking has cleared. This is the wonder of Spleen meridian!!!

Getting Jane to “flow again” has been a beautiful phenomenon to watch. She is relaxed, hopeful, and cheerful. Her natural grace as well as her complexion have returned.

Jane is a true success story. She will always need to keep her liver meridian in balance. She needs to do her breathing exercises morning and night. She has come to love the Daily Energy Routine. And I believe she has come to trust that any symptom likely to appear now can be addressed through Energy Medicine interventions.