Energy Medicine for Pain Relief

John, a middle-aged man with chronic pain symptoms, was relieved of all pain with the implementation of some basic Energy Medicine interventions. John consulted Melanie Foster, an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP) in Salem, Oregon, with complaints of an excruciating pain in his ankles and knees.

John is an avid golfer and was still playing despite the pain. He was riding in a golf cart to reduce the stress on his knees and ankles. Prior to coming to Melanie, he’d pursued chiropractic and massage therapies but found no relief.

He’d also spoken to a surgeon who concluded that golfing was causing and exacerbating the problem. The surgeon advised John that he could either elect to have surgery with no guarantee of pain relief, or he could stop golfing and at least stop the pain from getting worse.

Melanie started with a Quickie Energy Balancer and then went through a series of Energy Medicine techniques including holding Neurovasculars, opening up the Kidney Points, Liver Points, Spleen Points, and Bladder Points. She used a magnet to unfreeze the points on the ankle and legs, sedated Kidney meridian, and stimulated the flow of the vortex energy. She also placed magnets on his feet where the pain was the worst, positioning the north side of the magnet against the skin to help draw out energy.

She gave John homework, asking him to continue to place the north side of the magnet on the pain. John put the magnets on every evening and slept with them on, removing them in the morning. He was diligent with his homework and called Melanie four days later to tell her that 80-90% of his pain was gone from his ankles and knees.

John came for a follow-up visit two weeks later. Melanie again performed the Quickie Energy Balancer. She used Hastening Points to open the first five points on Kidney, Liver, and Spleen meridians and then a long 3-point technique on Kidney meridian. 

Now all of John’s pain is gone! He is golfing three to four times a week and now walks the course, rather than riding in a golf cart.

Melanie has used magnets successfully on other clients as well, working with swelling of ankles and knees in addition to pain.

Melanie is available for questions relating to this case history. Click here to email Melanie or visit her EEM-AP page for more contact information.

(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong)