Energy Medicine for Fibromyalgia

Submitted by: Ellen Farrell

The use of Energy Medicine techniques during five private sessions freed a Fibromyalgia sufferer, Anne, from chronic pain and enabled her to wean herself from regular doses of analgesics. This remarkable change took place over a period of less than two months. Treatment consisted of five sessions with an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP) plus exercises and techniques carried out as homework. At the end of eight weeks, Anne reports that she is free from all Fibromyalgia symptoms and is taking no pain medication.

Anne is a 66-year-old woman who became interested in Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) as a result of her fibromyalgia and a severe drop in vitality following a bi-lateral mastectomy in February of 2009. On June 20th she attended an "Inner Journey" workshop conducted by Ellen Farrell, an EEM-CP in Savannah, Georgia. She reported to Ellen that after that workshop she felt a return of energy for the first time since her surgery.

She decided to consult further with Ellen and had an intake session on June 25th. At that time Anne told Ellen that she was still feeling energetic (five days after the workshop) and that it was a new sensation for her. She also indicated that she was taking eight Advil a day for pain management.

Anne received a total of five sessions, briefly summarized here:

  • Session 1, June 25: This was an intake session in which Ellen reviewed Anne’s history and they both agreed to treatment goals using EEM.
  • Session 2, June 29: Two-hour session with deep layer Chakra work.
  • Session 3, July 9: Energy testing revealed that Anne needed homework to focus on Homolateral Repatterning, Three Thumps, grounding work, hydrating, Wayne Cook, and Connecting Heaven and Earth. Ellen is also a psychotherapist. Previously she had uncovered and done some healing work with Anne on early traumatic memories. These issues were further discussed and processed in this session.
  • Session 4, July 15: Retested EEM status and introduced new homework, including more focused work on K 27 and Homolateral Repatterning. Ellen tested and balanced elements and identified sensory types for Anne and her family. Anne was able to process family dynamics with this new insight. Ellen also introduced the Triple Warmer/Regulator calming routine.
    Session 5: August 15: Ellen performed EMDR (Trauma release work), using tapping on the gamut point rather than eye movements.

Throughout this period Anne used the exercises in the Daily Energy Routine consistently and performed additional exercises which Ellen developed to combine and integrate different EEM energetic systems.

Anne indicated during the third session that she reduced her Advil dosage from eight to four pills each day, and then down to one.

At the beginning of Session 5 Anne told Ellen that she had no more Fibromyalgia symptoms and she had been able to stop taking Advil altogether.

Anne ascribed this hugely beneficial change in her condition to the EEM that she has been practicing and which Ellen applied to her. She describes her progress as "amazing" and is willing to share her story because she wants everyone to know that the body can heal itself.

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