Energy Medicine as an Important Part in Multimodal Approach to Cancer

An energy practitioner with no formal training in Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) used techniques she learned from Donna Eden's books to work with a client who had been diagnosed with possible breast cancer. Over the course of treatments, the client's symptoms diminished to the point that only a very minimal surgical intervention was required.

Ann Grohne is a Quantum Energy practitioner with no formal training in EEM. Donna's book, Energy Medicine, was recommended to her as an aid for learning how to test energy. She read that book and also read Energy Medicine for Women. Now she uses techniques from both books in her practice.

In late February, Ann met with a 52-year-old client who had just had a mammogram showing prominent spots on both breasts. The doctor recommended a surgical biopsy on the left breast with a possibility of one on the right breast. The client obtained a second opinion, which concurred with the original recommendation. The biopsy was scheduled for mid-April.

Ann began working with the client on March 1 and had 15 session with her that month. Their sessions consisted of the following:

  • Practicing the Daily Energy Routine each day
  • Using Wayne Cook and Crown Pull as self-treatments for anxiety
  • Tracing the Spleen, Circulation-Sex, and Stomach meridians
  • Tapping the Spleen points beneath the breasts
  • Figure-eights
  • Celtic Weave
  • Chakra Balancing, including the energy centers over each breast

The client worked with Ann during these sessions and also using the techniques at home on her own.

A new mammogram was done just prior to the scheduled biopsy, right after the 15 energy sessions. The new mammogram revealed a completely different picture. The prominent spots were no longer present. The technician compared the old and new films but was unable to locate the same spots. There was just one little spot found, and they were able to sample that with a fine needle aspiration rather than a full biopsy. The results were negative for cancer.

Additional modalities that Ann used during the period of treatment included a diet change (no sugar), a daily tea of Epazote, asparagus purees each day, and other fresh organic foods. She also used a Zero Point Energy wand and some Reiki. Finally, she used Energy Psychology tapping to help the client with beneficial attitude adjustments.

Ann was amazed at the results but was also in tune with an inner knowledge that everything would be fine and that her client could avoid surgery.