Energy Medicine As a Cornerstone Treatment for a Broken Hip Socket

Energy Medicine techniques provided the cornerstone for an excellent recovery for a man with a shattered hip socket. His daughter, an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP), was able to begin to apply these techniques immediately after the accident. Energy Medicine (EM) methods, along with homeopathic remedies, physical therapy, and a positive environment led to a quick recovery allowing full mobility. The surgeon working this case commented several times that it was miraculous recovery – something he’d never seen before.

In June of 2009 Lyn Milum’s father, David, fell and shattered his left acetabulum, more commonly known as the hip socket. X-rays showed that the bone had shattered and splintered - the orthopedic surgeon described the hip as having "crumbled." The doctor was surprised that the bones had been so soft, but an endocrine work-up showed that calcium had been pulled from the bones due to an imbalance in the parathyroid which in turn was caused by an imbalance in the hypothalamus.

Surgery was not considered due to nature of the break, so the prescribed treatment was to keep David on his back, in traction, with a pin through his distal femur for five weeks. Prognosis was a long slow recovery and no guarantees about his mobility.

Lyn began Energy Medicine practices as soon as her father went into the hospital. Treatments included:

  • Daily Energy Routine - including homolateral correction. David did what he could, and what he couldn't do for himself Lyn and her family (mother and brothers) did it for him in his energy field.
  • Triple Warmer Smoothie - calming Triple Warmer, & TW reactivity hold; Spleen tapping
  • Kidney sedating, strengthening, and control points = 3-point technique
  • Kidney points massaged around ankles and shin
  • Gates clearing massage on his feet
  • Belt Flows
  • Clearing over the hip and abdomen like a chakra
  • Figure 8's over his hip and in his field

Additional Energy Medicine treatments were done frequently, though not every day. These included:

  • Sedating Circulation-Sex meridian. This was done to aid circulation during David’s period of being immobilized and to contribute to the health of his hips.
  • Large Intestine meridian sedating and LI-4 Source Point massage
  • Stomach meridian sedating
  • Holding frontal Neurovascular Reflex points
  • Energy clearing the Ileocecal and Houston valves
  • 9 Hearts - activating Radiant Circuits
  • Triple Warmer/Spleen /Regulator exercise
  • Kidney acuflush
  • Control cycle: water-fire was rebalanced
  • Rooster Crown hold - balancing hormones

Other recuperative practices included:

  • Homeopathic Arnica 200c, two doses in the first 24 hours
  • Homeopathic Calc Phos 6c, 2 to 4 times daily
  • Cal-mag-D3 supplements
  • Extra D3 supplements
  • Lots of exercises & physical therapy while in the hospital bed
  • Friendly, cheerful, optimistic staff at the hospital

David felt no pain in his hip after the first 48-hours, and only took pain medication once on the day he was admitted, when the ER staff insisted. 

During the first "chakra style" clearing over his left hip, David could feel the energy stirring and the healing energy move.

In mid-July, after 5-weeks of recuperation the orthopedic surgeon said David was making a "remarkable recovery."

A week later the orthopedic surgeon showed David before and after x-rays of the hip, and said, "this is a miraculous recovery." He said it twice. He took his laser pointer and outlined how the socket had regenerated perfectly, with round symmetry and right proportions. 

At another follow up visit, the Dr. said of David's recovery, "I've never seen anything like this."

The day before the hospital staff got David up out of bed for the first time in five weeks, they warned him he might faint. Lyn gave him an exercise called "Sunrise, Sunset" to do before they got there, to balance his blood pressure. When they got him upright they kept asking, "are you feeling dizzy?" They found it hard to believe that he never felt dizzy at all.

By mid-August David was walking with only the aid of a cane and was able to move around the house and work in the yard. Since October, David has been walking without a cane.

Lyn reports that her Dad appreciates how Eden Energy Medicine recognizes that our healing comes from an inner Source, and that when we use Energy Medicine techniques to clear the "debris" along our energy pathways, the blueprint of wellness that our Source provided us can then naturally begin to repattern our health.

In his own words, David writes:

"From the time I was loaded into the EMS vehicle, I felt the presence of the COMFORTER, and knew everything was going to be all right. That presence was sustained throughout my 33 days in traction. My roommates and many of the staff shared their experiences of faith with me.

I am presently (as of 8/20/09, 10 weeks after his fall) walking with a cane and my (physical) therapist concluded his efforts with a comment of, "a great recovery."

The fact that my daughter was quick to respond with energy medicine techniques intrigues me. The results have been very positive.

My mind was at ease since my daughter and sons were supporting my wife's needs while I was away. Yes, credit is given where credit is due. Thank You God!"

Lyn is available to discuss this with interested parties and can be reached at: [email protected]

(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong, January 2010)