Energy First Aid for Elderly Non-Responsive Loved One While Waiting for the Paramedics

From a note sent by Gail Jett to Donna & David.

My father has Parkinson's and lives across the street from me. Yesterday, his evening caregiver arrived, and he was nonresponsive. She was scared. She said he was breathing but absolutely nonresponsive. I'm a nurse and was there immediately. She was right. No response whatsoever, nor to noxious stimuli (sternal rub). I called 911. After calling, I did a vigorous "three thumps" on him. Then I took his arms and legs and moved him into a Cross Crawl pattern (seated). I could feel him start to come around.

Just as the paramedics got there, his eyes flew open, and he yelled, "Fire truck!" He was completely fine after that. He says he could hear all of us but couldn't move. I suspect he had a TIA, or mini-stroke. In addition to Parkinson's, he also has atrial fib. The paramedics were surprised to see him alert and asked if I had done anything. I told them I had done some Chinese medicine/Energy Medicine techniques. They looked bemused. Not sure what they thought -- you know how that goes -- but anyway, Dad came around. So, another success story.

[Note: A week later, Gail wrote: "Everyone is still talking about it, including my dad!"]

Gail Jett is a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and a member of our core faculty. She has a practice and teaches classes in Bend, Oregon.