Energy Boost – November 2023

Eden Energy Medicine in Action

This Story Will Give You Hope and Make You Smile!

Helen longed to be a mom, but by the time she went to see Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner Paige Apgar, she had given up on having a baby (Helen had suffered a miscarriage and was struggling with ongoing pain and other chronic health issues).

In her very first session with Paige, Helen declared, “I’m not here to work on fertility; I just want to feel happier!” But Paige had a premonition -- she somehow knew Helen would get pregnant! She kept this information to herself and turned her attention to working on Helen using a combination of the 9 energies -- specifically Triple Warmer and the Electrics. What happened next will make you smile and give you hope that anything is possible when you work with the extraordinary power of Energy Medicine. Read more >>> 

How Donna Knew She’d Stay Alive

(Even When She Had No Aura Left!)


The Taji Pole is the inner core of the energy body, extending from beneath your feet to the top of your head and all the way up into the heavens above. Donna sees it as a beautiful, brilliant, pulsating tube of white and gold light.

In this eye-opening and inspiring video clip from the Playing with the Frequencies class, Donna shares her personal story on seeing the Taji Pole for the first time and how it helped her realize she’d stay alive at a time in her life when she was so sick that she had no aura left! 

The Oldest Energetic Form in the Universe

The Torus Field is believed to have been present during the birth of the Universe or the Big Bang. Essentially an invisible vortex of energy that is the essence of everything, the Torus Field supports all animals, humans, and plants, including every celestial object in our solar system and beyond. It is the underlying energy of an atom, a molecule, a grain of sand, and every star in the sky.

This video excerpt from Donna’s bestselling Playing with the Frequencies class is a beautiful introduction to the Torus Field. Watch as Donna and David teach the fundamentals of this phenomenal energetic structure and how it’s related to the 9 energy systems in Eden Energy Medicine.

BTW, if you don't have a copy of Playing with The Frequencies, don't purchase it until our holiday sale. It will soon be 50% off.  See below. 🙂

Your Astonishingly Powerful “Tinker Bell” Energy

The Assemblage Point is one of the most powerful energies around, and it bridges the soul with conscious experience. When she needs to describe the Assemblage Point, Donna has  people think of Tinker Bell --  the magical fairy from the 1950s animated movie, Peter Pan. Like Tinker Bell, the Assemblage Point  is a sparkling, twinkling ball of energy -- a spinning ball of light -- situated slightly in front of the chest

The Assemblage Point is an intelligent energy with a “mind” of its own, and it is important to honor and respect its wisdom as it aligns our thinking mind’s worldview with our soul’s perspective. To put it another way -- our reality is literally “assembled” around this energy

The Assemblage Point can be harmed during traumatic experiences and through prolonged exposure to negative energies and influences, but it can also be nurtured through natural positive experiences like falling in love or spending extended time alone to reflect and rest in a calm, low-stress environment.

Watch the video above to learn more and receive a quick way to get it back on track.

Getting to Know the 9 Energy Systems

Do you know Eden Energy Medicine taps into the profound healing power of not just 1 or 2 but 9 energy systems? This is a big reason that EEM is one of the most comprehensive and effective pathways to improve your health on every level -- the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Creating balance with the 9 energy systems can help relieve physical pain, strengthen your body, clear your mind, and help you enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life.

So whether you’re interested in enhancing your knowledge about energy medicine, looking for a quick way to refresh what you already know, or simply curious, this easy-to-understand “snapshot” description and explanation of each of the 9 energy systems of EEM can help! Read more>>>

An Invitation from Our Hearts to Yours

The Winter Wonderland Cruise 2024!

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Together, we'll explore some of the most enchanting and oldest Christmas markets in Germany, Hungary, and Austria, and we'll join hearts and hands as we come together to enjoy Eden Method classes and activities.

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Your Energy Minute

Align with the Taji Pole to Boost Your Immunity and Confidence

In today’s Energy Minute, Donna shows you how to align with the incredibly powerful pillar of energy called the Taji Pole, which runs right through your body --  from the earth all the way up into the heavens. When you do this graceful technique with Donna, you can effectively ground your energy, reinforce your connection with the heavens, strengthen your immune system, and even boost your confidence!

Holiday Sale Alert (You Heard it Here First)

Time to Start Playing with The Frequencies!

Playing with The Frequencies is one of Donna’s bestselling classes (it’s a student favorite), where you’ll discover how to apply energy-based tools she has used for years to bring about profound healing at the cellular level

You can use the teachings and techniques in this unique class to address stubborn physical and emotional health issues, including migraines, hypoglycemia, inflammation, seizures, epilepsy, and even premature aging!

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Supporting Health and Happiness Since 1977

Donna Eden started teaching Energy Medicine classes in the late 1970s. Since then, her work has touched millions of people across the globe, introducing them to the healing and restorative power of their body’s own energies.

Her approach hit a cultural nerve, a hunger in people to take charge of their own health and healing through simple techniques that could be easily applied. Donna’s husband, David Feinstein, began to collaborate with her in bringing Energy Medicine into the world. With her daughters, Titanya Dahlin and Dondi Dahlin, and their partners.

Today, this small family team is at the hub of a large and growing movement that has become one of the bright lights in holistic health.