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January 2024 Issue

Follow Your North Star to Create Positive Shifts in 2024

From Donna and David

How to Embed Your Desired Shifts into Your Energy Body

As 2024 begins to unfold, 98% of all New Year’s Resolutions have, if you can believe the self-help literature, already been broken! To try to counter this trend, the self-help guidance ranges from setting and envisioning clear goals to enlisting “accountability partners” to recognizing and dealing with obstacles to success. All are potentially good strategies. However, can you also embed the desired shifts into your “energy body”?

This is where the Assemblage Point comes in. The Assemblage Point is like your “North Star.” It is an energetic force that directs your actions. The term North Star is often used metaphorically to refer to a guiding principle, goal, or inspiration in a person’s life. It is derived from the actual North Star (Polaris), which has been used for navigation for centuries because of its consistent position in the northern sky. When you refer to your "North Star," you are talking about a constant, unchanging guide that directs your decisions and actions, much like how the North Star guides sailors at sea.

The Assemblage Point is a ball of energy that, if aligned properly, is situated about two feet in front of your body at the level of your heart chakra. You are always walking toward it, both literally and metaphorically. It is attuned to your soul’s highest wisdom about your journey here on Earth. However, experiences can also influence it, for better or for worse. Trauma may throw your Assemblage Point out of physical alignment with your body and may also distort the purity of its connection with your soul’s purpose. On the positive side, you can mobilize your highest intentions for yourself to influence your Assemblage Point.

Here is a way to bring a New Year’s Resolution of your choice (hint: choose one that will make you a better person) into the energy of your Assemblage Point:

  1. To help bring your Assemblage Point into its ideal alignment, bring your arms out as far as you can to the sides.  Take a deep breath. As you let your breath out, very slowly move your arms in front of you until your hands feel pressure (a ball of energy) between your palms. This is your Assemblage Point. If you don’t feel that ball of energy, repeat this frequently (it takes less than a minute) throughout the next few days with the intention of moving your Assemblage Point into this position.

  1. Once you can feel or at least vividly imagine that ball of energy, envision putting your New Year’s Resolution, your intention, into your Assemblage Point. Breathe into this slowly and deliberately several times.

  1. Then, with your palms still facing, lower your hands to your Root Chakra. Now envision the energy of your New Year’s Resolution sitting between your palms. Take a few deep breaths, making this energy strong. 

  1. Next, with an outbreath, slowly bring your palms up the center of your body, like a “zip up,” to your Heart Chakra. Take another deep breath or two. 

  1. Then, with an outbreath, move your palms so they are reaching in front of you to your Assemblage Point. Imagine and feel the energy of your Resolution merging into the energy of your Assemblage Point.

  1. Finally, bring your hands inward and rest them on your heart chakra, with a simple affirmation such as “[Name Your Intention] is now in my energy body and shaping my future.” You can repeat just this part or the entire sequence as frequently as you wish.

Bringing your New Year’s Resolution into your energy body using this simple procedure will support all the other strategies you may use so that your intention becomes part of your future.

Like everyone else reading this e-letter, we are on our own paths of personal evolution. The New Year is an excellent occasion and opportunity to assess progress and initiate next steps. We’ve asked members of our family to describe ways—beyond the Assemblage Point—that they are navigating their own New Year’s Resolutions. Their accounts, and ours, are described below. We think you will find these glimpses into our personal efforts to be interesting and perhaps useful in your own journey.

With love, wishing you a blessed 2024, 

Donna and David

Eden Energy Medicine in Action

Beyond Physical Healing

It’s the start of the year, and it’s a time when so many of us reflect on where we are now and where we want to be a year from now. Most people focus on their mental, emotional, and physical well-being, but what about our spiritual health? When Fritz Varga went to see EEM-CP Gopita Manning, he was looking for help with multiple physical ailments, including hypertension and digestive disorders. What he didn’t bargain for (but gladly received!) went way beyond physical healing.

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Happy New Year from Our Hearts to Yours 


Seated from left to right: Dondi, David, Titanya’s adorable 6-year-old Sequoia, Donna, our new CEO Kristen Arnold, and Titanya 

Standing from left to right: Mark Adams, Roger Devenys, Leslie Adams, Carrie Cento, Linda Barba, Anita Ahluwalia, Lori Kats, Katrina Hill, Brittney Bass, Angie Mason, Robert Trotta, Karen Berry

As we begin our journey into a brand New Year together, our deepest wish is for you, your loved ones, and every single person in our human family to experience more love, peace, healing, and joy throughout the year! Yes, we realize that’s a tall order, but we believe that’s what new beginnings are for -- a chance to start again with renewed hope in our hearts.

And because we won’t be able to wish you in person (although we’d love to!), we thought it would be fun to share this “Happy New Year” video from our family and team at Eden Method and Eden Energy Medicine!

Navigating New Year's Resolutions!

Curious to know how Donna, David, Titanya and Dondi stay true to their New Year’s Resolutions? You’re in luck because they’re sharing their thoughts and tips on how they stay on track. In this unique compilation of notes, you’ll find Donna’s wish for all of us in 2024, as well as fun, helpful strategies from David, Titanya, and Dondi that you can use to stay committed to your Resolutions in January, February, and March, and all the way through to December! Read Donna, David, Titanya and Dondi’s personal notes here >>>

Special Invite: Join Our Free Global Community of Kindred Spirits!

We all love making friends with kindred spirits who share our values and interests, but have you noticed how connecting with like-minded folks gets harder every year? It’s why we’re so happy and grateful for our global Eden Energy Medicine community!

With over 23,000 members (and counting!), the EEM private Facebook group is a safe space for people who love all things energy medicine. You can join the group for free and as a member, you’ll be able to get your questions answered, share your photos, videos, posts, and comments about how you’re using EEM to improve your life, and maybe even make a lifelong friend (or 2 or more!)

We know that Facebook isn’t for everyone, but you might be surprised and delighted to find that the EEM Facebook group isn’t like any other group out there -- some of our members create personal Facebook accounts just so they can join us! So, if you haven’t yet, we invite you to check out the group. Just click here to find out more and join us for free>>>

3 Easy-to-Do Techniques To Stay On Track with Your New Year’s Resolutions

Setting positive goals at the start of the year can be a great way to become a better version of yourself, but what do you do when you’ve broken every one of your New Year’s Resolutions before the end of January? In this fun 60-second video, Dondi shares 3 easy-to-do techniques you can do to get back on the “New Year’s Resolutions” bandwagon without shame or guilt, no matter how many times you fall off!  Watch Here >>

The Mystery of Life Energy

Our First Publication of 2024 is Here. It’s the Foreword to an Important Book!

Donna and I (David) first learned of Eric Leskowitz in 1999 when he reviewed our book, Energy Medicine, for a prestigious integrative medicine journal. He gave it a glowing appraisal and endeared himself to us forever when he revealed that his primary disappointment with the book was that he didn’t write it. Now, a quarter century later, he has written his own tome on energy healing, and I was honored when he asked if I would write the Foreword.

When we read his review of our book, we wondered: Who is this physician from Harvard Medical School? We quickly discovered that he was already bringing energy medicine into a major Harvard teaching hospital. It would be easy to underestimate the pioneering courage this required back then, introducing the widely ignored or disparaged methods we were just beginning to articulate into one of the world’s top medical institutions. While energy medicine is much more widely embraced within traditional medical institutions today, this shift is partially through Dr. Leskowitz’ tireless dedication.

The Mystery of Life Energy, as I see it, makes 3 major contributions:

1. It weaves into a single tapestry a wide range of disparate and fascinating phenomena, all tied together with the bright thread of life energy, and in a manner that will give some refreshing jolts to the reader’s perspective.

2. It unflinchingly examines each of them from, in the author’s words, “both sides of the aisle”: conventional science and ancient healing traditions that are attuned to the “multidimensional nature of reality.” Few scientists are so steeply grounded in both sides of this gaping chasm (it’s not just an aisle) as to allow them to seriously attempt such a feat. Dr. Leskowitz does it masterfully.

3. In the process, you are taken on a journey in which one of the core paradigm clashes of our culture is highlighted, placed piece-by-piece under the bright lights of reason and experience, and reconstructed in a way that can move the culture—as well as your understanding—forward, informed by both sides of the “aisle.”

The Mystery of Life Energy manages to do all this in a friendly rather than academic tone, leavened with light-hearted humor. It will be published on April 9 but pre-orders are already available.  Find out more and pre-order your copy here

This Month’s Featured Event: The Weight Class

The Art of Using Energy Medicine to Achieve Your Desired Weight

Do you know that “lose weight” is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions around? We’re guessing you’ve probably added it to your Resolutions list more than once (it’s been at the top of ours a few times!). But as you probably know by now, New Year’s Resolutions are easy to make and not so easy to keep.

We have some exciting news that can help you achieve your “lose weight” Resolution in 2024! In The Weight Class: Using Energy Medicine to Fall in Love with Your Body & Achieve Your Desired Weight, you’ll learn gentle, energy-based tools to release unwanted weight (and keep it off) without depriving yourself of the foods you love or feeling like you have to work out for hours at a time.

You can get this powerful, one-of-a-kind class right now at a limited-time discount. Click here to find out more (and claim your special discount!)

Your Energy Minute

Boost Your Willpower Anytime, Anywhere!

Pop quiz question: What do we need more of to easily stick to our New Year’s Resolutions? If you said “willpower,” you got a gold star! Follow along as Donna, Titanya, and Dondi show you how to do the Temporal Tap for an effective boost of willpower whenever you need it! Click here to watch on YouTube >>>

Supporting Health and Happiness Since 1977

Donna Eden started teaching Energy Medicine classes in the late 1970s. Since then, her work has touched millions of people across the globe, introducing them to the healing and restorative power of their body’s own energies.

Her approach hit a cultural nerve, a hunger in people to take charge of their own health and healing through simple techniques that could be easily applied. Donna’s husband, David Feinstein, began to collaborate with her in bringing Energy Medicine into the world. Today, her daughters, Titanya Dahlin and Dondi Dahlin, and their partners all share in the mission.

This small family team is at the hub of a large and growing movement that has become one of the bright lights in holistic health.