Energy Boost – February 2024

Monthly Energy Boost

February 2024 

A New Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 

From Donna and David

How Energy Shifts Can Improve Your Relationships

Celebrating love in all our relationships is the theme of this Valentine’s month issue. Since our New York Times bestselling book, The Energies of Love, was published a decade ago, we have had the privilege of presenting its ideas in many forums. None has been more high-powered, however, than working with some 300 members of Tony and Sage Robbins’ elite Platinum Program. The five-day event, held in Maui last October, was themed around relationships, so The Energies of Love was a perfect fit.

We were honored to be invited, and we waived our presenter fee because the proceeds of the event went to their Foundation, whose “One Billion Meals Challenge” had already provided over 650 million meals worldwide, and their work with “Operation Underground Railroad,” where their personal contributions have helped free 25,000 girls and boys from human trafficking. We earmarked our waived fee, however, for recovery of the devastating fires in Maui. We also stayed after the event to present a free workshop bringing energy healing to survivors of the fires in Lahaina.

We watched Tony and Sage do their magic, session after session, with this highly sophisticated crowd. Knowing our turn was about to come up was a bit unsettling – in the “hard act to follow” category. However, we had the group hooked after the first demonstration. 

We brought up a couple and had the wife talk about her day while the husband was instructed to look interested but to be thinking about something else. Both had started with a strong energy test, and both lost their energy during the interchange. The audience was stunned by such a tangible demonstration of an all-too familiar dynamic. When we repeated the interchange with the husband paying attention this time, both their energies of course returned, again demonstrated with an energy test. We proceeded to show how even the most basic energy medicine exercises—ones you know from the Daily Energy Routine—could be used to improve communication and intimacy. 

At the end of our 90-minute presentation, Tony and Sage came onto the stage to thank us, and we glowed in their praise. We were invited to do a second unscheduled presentation the next day (even though the planned agenda was very tight). For that, we demonstrated the impact of energetic sensory types on couples communication and resilience (you can find out more about the sensory types below). Tony and Sage decided on the spot to send our book to every participant, a tribute that left us speechless.

We hope this month’s issue will help you to nurture and strengthen your relationships with all those you love. Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!


Donna and David

Eden Energy Medicine in Action

Taking Love to the Next Level by Healing Emotional Wounds 

When June unexpectedly lost her husband in a tragic car accident, the pain and heartache were almost too much to bear. She was sure she’d never love again until she met Ralph 7 years later. They married and had 2 beautiful sons. But even though things seemed wonderful on the surface, June’s inner struggles were far from over. Lasting happiness seemed to be out of her reach until the day she experienced her first tapping session with David. 


Living Proof that Love Can Last a Lifetime

Donna and David wed on  October 7, 1984, already 7 years into their adventures together.

They say opposites attract, and that’s abundantly true for Donna and David! As Jean Houston wrote in the foreword for their New York Times bestselling book, “Donna is exuberant, spontaneous, and intuitive. David is quietly reflective, studious, and always looking for deeper meanings. She is champagne; he is still water. And yet, with all their contrasts, they have, through dint of unstinting effort and rich affection, cultivated a loving, creative, and exemplary marriage.” Donna and David have been together for 46 years this year, and they are living proof that love can overcome differences and guide the way forward!

Doesn’t This Make You Think of Valentine’s Day?

Every time we see this image, we can’t help but think of Valentine’s Day -- that beautiful, rosy pink hue seems to radiate love and romance! This gorgeous vintage photo was taken in Ramona, California back in 1957 and if you haven’t guessed yet, the lovely woman in the picture is none other than our Donna.

How to Give Your Self-Love a Boost

Do you know you can intentionally pull in feelings of love into your heart anytime you want?

In this “oldie but goodie” video shot at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California, Donna, Titanya, and Dondi show you how to do a wonderfully simple technique called “tracing hearts.”  You may be surprised by how effective it can be!

On Ouija Boards, Spiritualism, and the Great Beyond

Dondi to Speak at Lily Dale This Summer!

A very serious 8-year-old Dondi and her friend Mireille using the Ouija board 

When she was a little girl in the 1970s, Dondi didn’t think of the Ouija Board as just another popular board game -- it was a very serious undertaking! 8-year-old Dondi and her friend Mireille were quite earnest about contacting the spirits of the dead (as you can see in the image above!)

Dondi grew up living with an awareness that there is more beyond what we can see and touch. So, in 2008, when she was invited to go with her mom, Donna, and David to Western New York where they were teaching at the legendary Lily Dale, she was thrilled! In a delightful, heartfelt article Dondi share’s her special memories about this sacred village and how you can experience the magic for yourself this June. Read more and sign up to see Dondi at Lily Dale in June >>>

As Soon As Donna Enters a Room, Healing Begins

Donna exudes love and joy every single day, and it’s probably why her dear friend, the  renowned actress Angie Dickinson, once remarked, “As soon as Donna enters a room, healing begins.” So, how does Donna do it? How does she effortlessly radiate love and joy?  

A big part of her secret has to do with the words you see in the image above -- it’s one of Donna’s most popular and beloved quotes. This Valentine’s Day (and every day!), let’s aspire to see people how they are so we can recognize that there’s a lot to love.

Keeping Love Strong in Stormy Waters

Your sensory style -- seeing, hearing, thinking, or feeling -- is the primary way you experience the world. You and your partner probably have very different sensory styles, and in difficult moments, such as during an argument, this disparity can lead to greater stress and misunderstandings. But your differences need not be the grounds for divorce; they can be the grounds for a long and loving relationship!  

Donna and David’s powerful Energies of Love class attunes you to the psychology and energies of relationships. You’ll learn all you need to know about different sensory styles so you can navigate safely through hard times, energetically reconnect with your partner, and keep your love strong no matter what! Find out more here >>>

ACEP’s 26th International Energy Psychology Conference

The Art & Science of Transformational Change

The International Energy Psychology Conference, organized by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year for those in the helping professions, such as nurses, energy practitioners, and psychologists.

This year’s conference will focus on “The Art & Science of Transformational Change,” with powerful presentations from world-class speakers, including David and Dondi! 

While David’s “Research Day” pre-conference keynote is a special pre-conference event about energy psychology research, Dondi’s presentation, entitled “Elemental Insights: Elevate Client Experiences with the Five Elements in Energy Psychology,” is an alluring feature of the main Conference.

The conference is taking place from May 30th to June 3rd at the luxurious Wigwam Resort in Phoenix, Arizona, and you can enjoy a special early bird discount when you get your ticket by March 4th!   Find out more and register here >>>

Exciting Flash Sale Starts Feb 20!

Get Energy Medicine for Animals at the Lowest Price

How about giving your beloved pet an extra special dose of love this Valentine’s month? Energy Medicine for Animals is a delightfully fun class led by one of our most experienced and loving teachers -- Madison King! 

For over 25 years, Madison has helped heal animals of ALL kinds (dogs, cats, bunnies, horses) using the power of energy medicine. With Energy Medicine for Animals, you can learn to relieve your pet’s pain, alleviate skin and tummy issues, help them heal from emotional stress and fear (no more cowering under the couch in a thunderstorm!), and MUCH more.

Look out for our flash sale in your inbox and get Energy Medicine for Animals at the lowest price ever. 

Your Energy Minute

How to Reconnect with Your Partner in a Few Moments

In this Wednesday Energy Minute, Donna and David show you a simple technique that can help  bond with your partner and better align your polarities in just a few moments. We invite you to watch Donna and David and then find your partner so you can try it together, or if you don’t have a partner, remember it for when you do. Click here to watch >>>

Supporting Health and Happiness Since 1977

Donna Eden started teaching Energy Medicine classes in the late 1970s. Since then, her work has touched millions of people across the globe, introducing them to the healing and restorative power of their body’s own energies.

Her approach hit a cultural nerve, a hunger in people to take charge of their own health and healing through simple techniques that could be easily applied. Donna’s husband, David Feinstein, began to collaborate with her in bringing Energy Medicine into the world. Today, her daughters, Titanya Dahlin and Dondi Dahlin, and their partners all share in the mission.

This small family team is at the hub of a large and growing movement that has become one of the bright lights in holistic health.