EEM for Late-Stage Ovarian Cancer

Managing Pain and Chemotherapy, and Enabling a Peaceful Transition at Life’s End

By Susan Apollon, Psychotherapist, Author, and EEM CP

The following piece is adapted from Susan Apollon’s book, An Inside Job: A Psychologist Shares Healing Wisdom for Your Cancer Journey, endorsed by Donna Eden and David Feinstein.

In her book, Susan strongly recommends Eden Energy Medicine as a powerful tool for assisting in the treatment of cancer, including healing, diminishing the effects of chemotherapy, managing pain, and easing an end-of-life transition.

Susan Apollon

Susan Apollon

For this article, the story includes the perspectives of both the client, Bea Moore, and Diana Warren, Bea’s EEM Advanced Practitioner, who graciously shared her valuable insights regarding the use of EEM for the cancer client.

Bea received a diagnosis of ovarian cancer in June 2013, followed by surgery (a hysterectomy) and then chemotherapy. Later in the year, two dear friends gave her the special gift of EEM sessions with Diana to help reduce the impact of chemotherapy and regulate her illness.

“My biggest regret,” she said later, “is that I did not start sooner with Diana, because I know it would have helped me better handle my surgery and chemotherapy. But Diana’s schedule was full and I could not get in to see her regularly until my third chemotherapy session.”

“My EEM sessions made a huge difference in how I was feeling. The symptoms were the same, but after my sessions, they were much less. My headaches, including migraines, were fewer in number. In fact, I could gauge the difference between when I was seeing her and when I was not. The chemo really hits you. I always felt worse when I was unable to see Diana for a session. I just wish I could have begun sooner.”

Bea viewed cancer as a challenge, and it was the EEM sessions that enabled her to persevere. She had taken very few days off from her co-managerial position of a family-owned store during her entire span of treatment (though she said that she would do this differently if she had to do it again, in order to help herself heal).

Bea’s friends Anne and Anne’s mother, Barbara, were the ones who had given her the gift certificates for EEM sessions. Anne later told me: “We knew it was her energy work with Diana that enabled her to begin feeling better during her chemotherapy treatments so that she could still function and come to work.”

Diana worked with Bea until 2015, when the cancer, almost suddenly, took a turn for the worse and moved into her bones. Even then, she managed to maintain a good quality of life until her last week. On her last evening, Bea’s son called Diana and her colleague, Jody Levy, also an EEM Advanced Practitioner, to come to Bea’s home to help with her passing.

Bea’s transition was an extraordinary event for the loved ones present as well as for Diana and Jody. Diana described that last evening: “Together we gently cleared Bea’s chakras to make her passing easier. We stroked her head and whispered in her ear, encouraging her to let go. And we felt a breeze that we imagined to be the wings of angels and even saw shadows that we couldn’t explain.”

Several of those present were deeply moved by the experience, commenting that the room appeared to be filled with angels. A woman who had stood in the background observing everything felt that she had just witnessed a miracle.

While Diana and Jody worked with Bea, Anne and Barbara initially sat in another room. Even before Bea died, they could feel the shift of her energy within the energy field of the house. They sensed a calm throughout the home. While Anne sat meditating, she actually felt Bea’s fears and angst being released. “You could feel her soul becoming light and filled with grace. It was extremely peaceful, and she had not yet died!”

After Diana and Jody left, Anne and Barbara observed that Bea was more beautiful than ever. Her breathing was no longer labored; she was at ease and comfortable; there was no more suffering. Furthermore, there was no more of the fear Bea had previously experienced. What was especially extraordinary was that Anne and her mother could see Bea’s energy being released. Anne said, “I have witnessed other deaths. This was different; this was magical.” Just after leaving for home, they received a call from Bea’s son, letting them know that Bea had died just seven minutes after Diana and Jody had left.

“Energy Medicine provided Bea not only with comfort and reduced the side-effects of chemotherapy, it also gave her hope,” Diana said. “She looked forward to her sessions and always left with little or no pain and was much more alert.” When her time to leave this world came, “Bea did not appear to suffer. I believe it was our Eden Energy Medicine work that enabled her to have such a gentle passing.”

Diana and I spoke of the specifics of EEM that she used with Bea, and just as important, of the wisdom a practitioner needs when working with cancer clients, or anyone who is extremely ill and dying. She emphasized the role of intuition in how best to treat the client, blending in compassion and an understanding of how much the client can handle.

The EEM tools Diana used with Bea include the following:

  • Emotional and Physical Grounding. Diana finds that emotional grounding—gently pulling down the outside of both legs from hips to feet—provides her clients with a sense of being nurtured and calms Triple Warmer.
  • Using Donna Eden’s specific cancer protocols such as the Earth/Metal Dance
  • Releasing both pain and chemo toxins with the Brazilian Toe Technique
  • Balancing the Chakras
  • Assessing and correcting Tibetan Rings and Radiant Circuits
  • Weaving the Source Points
  • Assessing and Working the Star Diagnostic and Starfish Connection
  • Working with the Electrics
  • Treating pain with techniques such as the Hopi, pain siphoning and clearing, and sedating involved meridians
  • Working with Color Visualization

Diana emphasized that she integrates into her EEM work a number of Pranic Healing protocols, including Closing the Mingmen, Clearing Health Rays in the Field, and Color Work (blue for stabilizing, green for healing, dark electric violet for fighting cancer). She learned the importance of Kneading the Field as part of Donna’s work, and the importance of working with Minor Chakras from her first energy teacher, Jozef Pinter.

EEM, as Diana demonstrates in her work with cancer clients, offers fundamental aspects of healing often missing from Western medicine, including hope, a release of physical and emotional energy (which contribute specifically to the reduction of pain in cancer clients), and empowerment of the client.

Diana taught Bea many techniques to use at home, including several for managing anxiety and fear, such as calming Triple Warmer by tracing the meridian backwards, tapping the gamut point on her hand, and working with the Neurovasculars by holding the TW Reactivity Pose. These enable the body’s contracted energies to relax, which allows them to resume a healthier flow.

EEM requires an understanding of healing principles that extends beyond knowledge of tools and techniques. These principles include:

  • Using Your Intuition: a basic for practitioners of energy medicine. When working with an individual for a while, you come to “know” their energy intuitively. “It speaks to you,” says Diana.
  • Being Compassionate and Nurturing at all times and, above all, Creating Safety for both the client and the client's energy.
  • Being Fully Present: a major aspect of healing work. The client should feel they are the most important person in your world during a session.
  • Giving Your Loving Presence: the most powerful gift you can give cancer clients, while remaining calm with NO fear! The vibration of love and compassion is the opposite of fear. This is good medicine.
  • Adapting to the Needs of the Client: Many cancer clients, for example, have ports for their chemotherapy and are unable to lie on their stomach, making it difficult to do a spinal flush. They may need to sit up for work on their backs.
  • Letting Go of Expectations for Outcomes: While Bea held her own for most of her journey, when she did begin to deteriorate rapidly and the end was near, Diana recognized this, understanding and accepting that this was Bea’s journey and was not a failure in any sense.

Bea was adamant about her need to continue Eden Energy Medicine work for the benefits it gave her, and she wanted the world to know its value for those diagnosed with cancer. She told me, “I look forward to my time with Diana because I always feel better. The sessions are so gentle.”

When I asked Bea what she felt other cancer clients needed to know about EEM, she replied, “I wish people could just be open-minded about this. It truly works, and you have nothing to lose. I would strongly encourage people to start it on a regular basis as soon as they are diagnosed because it can help diminish the effects of your treatments and you will feel better!”