EEM For Autoimmune Hepatitis of Liver

by Maggie Geehan

At 71 years young, I have a very complicated medical history and am extremely happy to have found Eden Energy Medicine (EEM). I started working with EEM Clinical Practitioner Lyn Milum in Altamonte Springs, Florida, on January 21, 2015. Little did I know that just six days later, I would end up in an ambulance and in the ER because of battling the flu for the last month. The ER doctor told me that I needed to see a gastroenterologist immediately, as my liver bloodwork was testing extremely high.

I spoke with the doctor and he wanted me to go on steroids, as I have autoimmune hepatitis. Extremely high blood levels like mine could cause scarring/sclerosis of the liver. I told him that I needed time to let my body handle this naturally. I have been a patient of his for more than 12 years, and he agreed to my request but asked that I not wait too long.

Maggie Geehan with Donna & David

Maggie Geehan with Donna & David

I called Lyn on February 5 and asked if EEM could help with my situation. She had me do Figure 8s over the liver and then hold my liver with loving intention. I am blessed to be able to see my energies, so when I did the Figure 8s over my liver, I saw beautiful, pastel, rainbow-colored energies swirling and flowing through and around my liver. When I held my liver with spiritual guidance and loving intention, the energies presented as orange and lemon creamsicles –– orange and white energies and yellow and white energies flowing through my liver.

What a sweet symbol to cool down this inflammatory autoimmune disease! My doctor followed up with bloodwork the next day, and my levels were still elevated. I asked him to grant me more time.

Lyn met with me on February 20 and, through energy testing, discovered that energy was getting “stuck” in the aura just outside of my liver. We started doing Figure 8s in the aura around the liver and I began to see bright green energies flowing through my liver aura as it began to heal. I added this technique, along with the previous two, to my Five Minute Daily Energy Routine.

Within that week, my doctor ordered more blood tests. My levels were still elevated, and he began to panic. I begged him to please give me a little more time. He said, “I’ll give you four more weeks, and that’s it!”

I saw Lyn on March 18 for continued EEM care, and she began to sedate, strengthen, and balance my liver meridian energies. She taught me how to do this technique, and I added it to my daily routine. When I sedated these energies, I saw a warm glow of light red energies flowing in to gently melt away the excess, stale energies.

Next, as I activated the strengthening points, I began to see gentle, blue/green energies flowing through and invigorating my liver meridian energies (as of the publication of this piece in August 2015, I see a bluish/grayish energy that is like a shield that protects the stabilizing of the liver meridian!) When moving to the third set of points for stabilization, I saw the meridians being gently buffered for balancing.

Three and one-half weeks later, on April 13, my doctor took me through the bloodwork. It was a miracle! My results ALL came back as normal. My doctor was so glad to see that Eden Energy Medicine worked for me and said, “Let’s go back to monitoring your autoimmune hepatitis every three months again!” It is now several months later, and my liver is doing great! I continue to do the EEM exercises daily to support my liver.

I am new to EEM and am grateful for Spirit, Lyn, and EEM for being there to show me new ways to naturally care for my loving and beautiful body. I have so many reasons to celebrate my life! A special thanks to Donna for sharing her gifts with us.

If you would like to reach out to Lyn or Maggie, both are happy to receive correspondence:

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Maggie Geehan
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