Eden Energy Medicine Used for Relief from Severe Pain

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) was instrumental in helping to alleviate severe pain caused by nerve damage during a tooth extraction. The EEM intervention came at a time when other medical remedies were prohibited due to pregnancy. It offered the benefit of pain relief without being invasive or disruptive.

Jennifer, a woman in her early thirties, suffered severe nerve damage from a routine tooth extraction, and was in constant pain. Jennifer was scheduled to have surgery to repair the damaged nerve with a graft, and came to see Amy Frisina, an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP) in Tucson, Arizona, to prepare for the surgery.

Jennifer was familiar with Eden Energy Medicine and had been doing her Daily Energy Routine for several months. According to the tooth chart, the tooth in question was related to the Kidney meridian. Amy chose to focus on the Water element, because the problem was caused by nerve damage (nerves are governed by Bladder meridian) and the tooth was related to Kidney. Bladder and Kidney are the two meridians that sit in the Water element. Amy went through a series of Energy Medicine techniques with Jennifer, including:

  • Checking for irregular energy on Bladder 66, and taping hematite on it to correct it.
  • Testing and correcting for irregular energies on Kidney meridian points.
  • Holding the Hastening Points on Kidney meridian, and the Luo points for Kidney and Bladder, then holding all of the Neurovascular points to address the emotional distress from the pain.
  • Pain siphoning.

By the end of the session, Jennifer's pain was down from a 10+, to a 5.

On the day of Jennifer's surgery, the nurse took a routine urine sample and discovered that Jennifer was pregnant. The surgery was cancelled. Feeling hopeless, Jennifer contacted Amy, and they agreed to schedule weekly Eden Energy Medicine sessions.

At the next session, Amy continued using EEM techniques, adding tiny spindle cell pinches to the cheek outside the extraction site. Jennifer's pain was not in the original extraction site, but instead, in her chin. Amy chose to use magnets to draw the pain away. She held a magnet South side down at the original extraction site and another one, North side down, at the location of the pain in Jennifer's chin. Amy kept the magnets in place for about 30 minutes while she held the main Electrical points, which support the Bladder meridian. This brought the pain down to a 2, the lowest it had been in over seven months.

After several weekly sessions, Jennifer's pain has significantly decreased between sessions. Amy has continued to use Eden Energy Medicine with Jennifer, including strengthening Kidney meridian and working with the Grid. Jennifer is confident that her pain will be completely gone in the very near future.

Amy is available to answer any questions related to this case history. She can be reached at by email.

(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong, May 2012)