Rubber Hands & Feet: How a Devoted Eden Method Teacher Found Fun, Creative Ways to Teach Her Students

An Interview with Level 1: Fundamentals Teacher, Julie Fowler

How did you feel and what were your initial thoughts when you realized you wouldn't be able to teach in person because of stay-at-home orders due to Covid-19?

When I first read the headlines about Covid-19 and the world shutting down, I felt fearful.  I thought, “How am I going to be able to teach all the classes I had scheduled in 2020? How am I going to be able to teach the class I have scheduled this coming Saturday?”

In less than a week, I had an Introduction to Energy Medicine Part 1 class scheduled with a dozen people registered. Not only is teaching part of my livelihood, but the world needed these tools more than ever. I knew it wasn’t time for me to shut the doors, though I didn’t have a clear picture yet, on how to move forward. I lay awake for hours that night trying to envision how this class could be taught online. Technology isn’t my strong suit. You could even say I had a fear of technology; I didn’t even have a Zoom account!

I wondered how I could create a sense of community while teaching online, which is so important to me. As teachers, we all want our students to leave at the end of the day with tools they can use for the rest of their lives. Could I show them clearly enough via Zoom how to do the energy medicine exercises? Would they be able to see where Kidney 1 or Spleen 1 is located on their screen?  Could I make it interactive enough, since our classes are intended to be engaging, and not just long lectures. Would I be able to tap into the energy of the entire group to support what was needed?

After much trepidation, I decided I would take the leap and try teaching the upcoming class on Zoom and see how it would unfold. I started to feel excited and could feel the possibilities. I visited Amazon in the wee hours of that night and purchased all kinds of props, including rubber hands and feet. I thought I would be able to show points and grounding with greater ease, and more professionally, than trying to hold my foot up in front of the camera!

I also purchased lights so both the space and I as the teacher, would be well lit and clearly visible on screen. I moved some furniture around and set up my space and set the intention for a great class. It was wonderful! Students absolutely felt they got what they came for, even with the online format. We were all grateful! After that class, I was confident I would be able to continue teaching Intro level classes as well as Level 1: Fundamentals online for as long as necessary.

What were some of the biggest changes you had to make, teaching Eden Energy Medicine, over the lockdown period?

I tried to change as little as possible, beyond the class meeting online instead of in person. I teach my online classes as though we are together in person by inviting conversation and providing opportunities for engagement to keep us all interested and connected, during the time we are together.

Teaching online requires entirely different types of activities and teaching strategies to help with the learning process. I’ve had a lot of fun creating these new teaching tools! With Level 1 classes that continue over a period of time, we have frequent Zoom gatherings to come together, build community, and provide a space to continue & deepen the learning between classes. These intentional gatherings supported learning, and our need for connections, especially during Covid.

 How did you inspire your students to continue practicing on their own, when they cannot touch other people?

The core of Eden Energy Medicine is self-care and wow… did we have an opportunity to spend some time with self-care over the past year! Level 1 students had the most fabulous chance to practice giving themselves sessions right from the start of the program. Class 1 weekend students began developing self-testing skills like never before and all of the “practice on others” sessions became secondary to mastering the energy medicine tools for their own healing.

To support the practice of working on others, we met on Zoom for “supervised practice.” They would work on their partner (human or not), while I was watching and supporting them, available for questions and deepening the learning. We did this in breakout rooms during class time, and outside of class time as well. 

What were some of the creative ways your students continued practicing Eden Energy Medicine, during Covid?

We have all become quite innovative during the pandemic finding ways to practice energy medicine protocols that are designed to be done with another person!  I invited students to be creative and create a body to work on if they didn’t have one at home.

Many of my students did not have anyone at home to practice on. Soccer balls, bike helmets, pillows, pool noodles, rubber gloves, and shoes have all been used to simulate body parts.  Some used blow up dolls, and others made scarecrow style bodies. 

Please feel free to add any comments, insights and thoughts that come up for you 🙂

I’d like to thank Donna Eden for this brilliant work that has helped us all during these challenging times. I’d also like to thank Innersource for the support in helping us teachers and practitioners adapt our work so it can keep flowing into the world.


One of Julie's students practicing on her make-shift human!