“Dem Bones”: Osteoporosis and Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy

Submitted by: "Gopita" Katharine Manning

In late 2004, I reached to hug my husband and felt something "snap". I had broken a rib. A few weeks later I sneezed and heard a sound: "pop! - pop! - pop!" I had then broken four ribs!

I was diagnosed with idiopathic osteoporosis, a puzzling bone melting condition, all the more puzzling due to my relatively young age at the time (54), and because of the fact that my near-80-year-old mother did not have any bone problems at all and did not take any medication, nor did my identical twin sister.

But I was in trouble, and it was to get worse. Furthermore, I had been told that I was going to have to have a knee replacement surgery due to the fact that I also had severe osteoarthritis, and my knees hurt so badly because bone was rubbing on bone. The cartilage had virtually disappeared. X-Rays of my bones showed them as almost see-through; they were almost translucent.

Fortunately I had Energy Medicine, and began working on my knee condition immediately. I sedated small intestine meridian to help with pain, and began to work on my kidney meridian. I also worked a little on liver meridian at that time. I had been exploding with anger. My husband had been diagnosed with cancer, and my then 15 year old daughter had also been diagnosed with a particularly virulent form of lymphoma, and she was presumably dying. Anger, the heavy form of grief, had been showing up for me, and was evident in my liver energies.

My knee pain subsided, and quite frankly, I forgot about my knee. A series of life events happened quite suddenly, and as my finances collapsed with the loss of my husband, my daughter, although in remission from cancer, was to be hospitalized seventeen times in the next three years, often in critical care. Furthermore, I was taking care of my EM practice, I was teaching Study Groups, and I was giving workshops. I was running as fast as I could. Whereas I had tried several medications for the osteoporosis, I was terribly inconsistent with them. But I was not inconsistent with my Daily Energy Medicine Routine. I did my daily routine every single day. It consisted of:

  • Homolateral Cross Crawl
  • The Three Thumps
  • Wayne Cook Posture
  • Belt Flow
  • Connecting Heaven and Earth
  • Crown Pull
  • Hook Up
  • Zip Up

Sometimes I "worked" on Kidney Meridian, which was for bones. I did a "3-point hold". I would sedate, and then strengthen, the acupuncture points on this meridian.

I have to admit I was very inconsistent with this. I maybe worked on my bones for about five weeks, actually doing what I describe above three times weekly.

I had broken my small toe on my right foot in 2005, and this had deteriorated into a terrible disease called Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy. Over time, and with terrible pain, my bones turned to mush and my toes and foot became deformed. This was a debilitating and horrible, hopeless condition, it seemed.

For my RSD, I found it helpful to work with my bladder energies. I did the same treatment for bladder meridian (sedate, strengthen, sedate the acupuncture points) and often I would trace this meridian forward after flushing it. I also worked with bladder meridian because it is on the water element and is associated with the emotion of fear. I was very fearful. My life was in chaos.

Anyway, over time, and certainly with very little effort (it seems and upon retrospect), I have begun walking and exercising again. My RSD has almost remitted completely, although my foot is slightly deformed. I had gained about 35 pounds due to my lack of exercise, so beginning to move again, after almost three years has felt particularly good!

Walking again, I have particularly enjoyed "hiking" in a canyon near my home in the Foothill Mountains of my Los Angeles community. Last week I took a severe fall and I landed on pavement, after tumbling down an incline, on my right hip.

Incidentally, it was my right hip which had particularly deteriorated as shown on a DEXA scan several years previous. My right hip and thoracic spine had been what had moved an ever-so sensitive physician to say: "Your spine and your hips are collapsing!!! It is like you are melting!"

So when I fell and could not get up without severe, scalding pain, I feared the worse. Eventually, in my orthopedic Doc's office, and upon seeing the X-Ray, we both marveled at the fact that not only had I not broken my hip, my bones were so much better he was moved to say: "You have the bones of a teenager!"

How could this be true? I then asked if I could see the last MRI I had for my knee, a routine MRI I had undergone several months before but had not had analyzed. Well, you would not believe it! I had regrown the cartilage in my knees!!! My knees, well - they were not my knees!! Once again, he said, you have the knees of a teenager!!! I will clearly never need a knee replacement!!!

Then he said the very best thing of all: "Katharine, whatever meds you are on, STAY ON THEM!!!"

I looked him dead in the eye and said: "YOU BET I WILL!"

Sometimes it is just too much to take in. But it is true, completely, honestly, 100% TRUE! I see miracles in my clients all the time. Why wouldn't I see them in myself?

I truly believe that the cumulative effect of the Daily Routine is what strengthened my bones in spite of the terrible life stressors I was experiencing. Nothing, absolutely nothing will convince me otherwise.

Dr. Richard Gerber, MD, writes about the "negative entropic" effect working with our energy fields has on us. He claims that working with the first field around our body actually makes us younger. Entropy, the Fifth Law of Thermodynamic, claims that all matter has a tendency to disorganization and chaos over time. Negative entropy, then, asserts that the opposite is true. As we work with our energy, we, as organized matter, have a tendency to get better and younger over time!

It has to be true! It has happened to me. My hips went from a geriatric old lady's hips to those of an adolescent. And I did it in five minutes a day...

Thank God for Energy Medicine!!! And thank you, Donna Eden, for interpreting and bringing us this gift!

"Gopita" Katharine Manning, June 21, 2009

You may contact Gopita through her website at www.southernfriedspirituality.com.