Cystic Fibrosis Patients Benefiting from Energy Medicine

Excerpted from Donna Eden's book Energy Medicine for Women: 

A happy bit of fallout since the publication of my first book has been how many times someone I've never met or even seen in a class has sent our office an e-mail describing how using the methods in the book have turned around a difficult physical condition. Just today, September 21, 2007, as I was working on this section, two such e-mails were forwarded to me (and I have subsequently received permission to include them here). In the first, a woman with Cystic Fibrosis who had received a double lung transplant wrote to the person who ships our books and DVDs: "There seems to be a big buzz on the site about Energy Medicine. I thought you all would appreciate what others are saying." Among the comments in the interactive discussion blog we found when we went there:

I've mentioned before the book Energy Medicine. WHY do I love it so much? For so many reasons. I learned how to energy test in ways that I did not know before. I know how to test for foods, vitamins, and drugs that work for my body through energy testing. That is in the book. My latest discovery. I would consider myself borderline diabetic. I took my glucose after eating one day and it was 143 (one hour after eating a high energy bar). I practiced the daily routine and traced all my meridians and after 8 minutes, I retested my glucose again to see a change. My glucose dropped nineteen points. After eight minutes that is pretty remarkable. I did this for three days in a row to see if this was for real, and every single time I had the same results. Two days ago when I went for my six-month checkup, I told three doctors about the blood sugar readings and they all seemed very impressed. Before I eat now, I do all of the energy routines that I mentioned. I have had the book now for four years, and I have read it over and over again.

The very next person to post an entry, another double-lung transplant recipient, described how she has also:

tried the Energy Medicine book and some exercises to help with things like headaches, cramps, constipation, and gas pains. For me the book and its exercises are amazing. I can tell a significant change in my heart rate or blood pressure when I do and do not do the exercises. I have actually checked my blood pressure when it was high - like in the 150/90 range - and then did a few of the energy medicine techniques and checked it again within about 5 minutes and it had dropped to about 120/80, into a normal range.