Why Democracy Matters and Why You Should Vote

By Donna & David”If a republic be small, it is destroyed by a foreign force. If it be large, it is ruined by internal imperfection.”– Montesquieu (18th Century French Political Philosopher) This “internal imperfection” traces to a basic tendency in human nature: those with power tend to use it selfishly. Everyone else loses. Throughout history, the ruling elite has […]

Overcoming Challenges Through Energy Medicine

Donna, Dondi, and Titanya with Sherri Nicholas, Effie Roberts, and Ann Sheridan in the Eden Energy Method Certification Program.- Submitted by Sherri NicholasAnn Sheridan was an HIV clinical nurse supervisor and researcher who ran an outpatient HIV clinic for a nonprofit organization in Newark, New Jersey. Working with patients from diverse backgrounds, Ann noticed that […]

Eden Energy Medicine and Ancient Healing Traditions

By David Feinstein, Ph.D. Eden Energy Medicine freely uses terms found in ancient healing traditions, such as “meridians,” “acupuncture points,” “five elements,” and “chakras.” Many people assume that Donna studied these systems and EEM was her way of synthesizing them.  But that’s not how it happened. For as far back into her childhood as Donna can remember, […]