Survey of EEM Practitioners Who Took the June 2021 Diamond Inlay Training

Here is a sampling of the replies to:
“If a friend who is an EEM practitioner was interested in taking the course and asked you to briefly describe in just two or three sentences what you learned or how you benefitted, what would you say?”

These replies are presented here in no particular order, just as they came in.

It was a great learning experience, with a lot about connecting with Higher Power and enhancing your intuition.
Diamond Inlay is yet another energy system/way that creates deep connections - this time deep connections with that intelligent Universe that surrounds us and that sees and responds to us.

The focus on bringing in consciousness and the addition of visualization made this class a great addition to the teaching.

These are higher spiritual energies opening the individual's perceptive and intuitive channels to be able to hear their own Self better. As well as their divine guidance.

I found the Diamond Inlay Course to be filled with information that gives clear instructions for applying powerful techniques for self or another. These techniques reinforce and strengthen the energies of the body and also create space for greater inner peace and deeper connection with one's intuition.

It’s a course that teaches you how to open portals into your higher consciousness and connect to the divine and the cosmos. It was super exciting to me because we are in the ascension time and it is helping us to ascend, and" raise the vibration of the planet, one person at a time. 🙂 I was very excited about this class, and I felt like it was the perfect timing for me and for all of us! I loved the Jean Houston interview as well!

It was a deepening practice, and I feel the first to really talk about Spirit or “other forces” or beings that assist us in our sacred work.

The protocols are clearly described and easy to follow. I experience a deeper self-understanding each time I use Diamond Inlay patterns. Frequently I am surprised at the information that I (or my client) receive. This course, so clearly and carefully choreographed, is a gift to me and my clients.

It is an amazing protocol to help you access your inner consciousness and open up your intuition. If you are willing to open your mind and let go, incredible things can happen!

It gives a sense of deeper connection with all that is.

The Diamond Inlay is a series of techniques designed to connect you to the higher realms; which enhances your intuition, spiritual connection and sense of purpose as an energy worker. You also receive insights into how you can deepen that connection. The more you do the exercises, the deeper that connection becomes. This is an important method for us to raise our vibration, and that of our clients.

The Diamond Inlay has helped me to not only heighten my intuition, but to trust it (huge for me). Although I already knew my soul's purpose in being here at this time, this class gave me a confidence in the special gifts my soul has brought into this life for me to use to serve others. Absolutely loved the class.

The course helped me on my path to evolve and be prepared more for greater changes and the evolution of the humans on Earth, it stopped me feeling helpless, as it gave me tools to work with and connect more to my deeper levels.

This was the most advanced class I’ve taken from Donna and David in these last 20 years, including the Diamond Inlay class in 2008. it was very well prepared and presented and was taught at just the right time, giving me hope for the future. I was deeply touched and am grateful.

Very powerful simple exercises with large impact. Understanding the patterns and how they tie into meridian points were helpful (e.g., small intestine and spleen meridians). It gave me a deeper appreciation for those points.

Since taking the class and doing the protocols I feel a greate connection to energy of earth and celestial in my hands. I have been teaching these to my patients and colleagues and have been getting very powerful positive responses.

Opening more fully to the spark of spirit, both without and within, providing grounding and
continuity in my intuition and love.

Love the feeling when I do use it on myself.

It’s a technique that grounds you and at the same time connects you with higher forces and has a protective effect as well.
It was an amazing class to really tune in to your soul. During the class, I really enjoyed both giving and receiving the protocols. It just helps you align and figure out what your next steps are.

I really got a deeper sense of what the diamond inlays do for us. It is genius material. I really was able to feel the energy of them.

I learnt about a larger diamond force that is available to us.

Strengthening the Diamonds supports us to be more connected to a higher consciousness, to make a shift in our lives that is wanting to happen, and really helping us connect to and walk the path of our life's purpose.

I liked the way that you could gently gather and align the assemblage point.

The advanced glass was organized in a way that created a much greater depth of understanding and enlightenment. Watching it remotely was a spiritual experience. I could feel the same expansive energy that was being created in the class. ( I did do the exercises with a fellow practitioner about a month or so after the workshop. We both found the various diamond Inlay techniques to be amazing.) I love using them with my clients! They are an amazing close to a session.

I find the Diamond Inlay so valuable that I use it in my pre-grid lineup of sessions (along with Cloacals and Minor Grids). I give each of these protocols one full session to fully prepare the client who appears to be ready for Grid work.

That the Inlay provides a potential avenue for aiding the shift in consciousness so desperately needed by
humanity at this time made the class all the more timely, thought provoking and beneficial. I have used the Inlay techniques far more since the 2021 class than ever before.

I have already promoted the course. I tell practitioners that it is a great protocol for utilizing the universal energies to enhance and stabilize the physical and auric field. It enhances the cosmic
web of non-physical-physical communication.

The techniques are easy, and anyone can do them and benefit, even the lazy, shiftless, think-they-know-it-all, advanced practitioners! They know who they are! 😉

I love that these techniques are very effective, maybe even more so, when I use the techniques on myself – an important consideration during the times we are currently in. Seems to clear out "stuff" that resides even down to very deep levels. It is nice that you don't even need to know what that "stuff" is for it to work. It just does.

I would say that the class material is very powerful as I could feel my need for this work before I understood what it was. I found my way to it from some of the Year 3 handouts as well as some classes from other practitioners, but had not really understood the benefits.

It is different from the normal EEM techniques as it is spiritually based and enhances intuition to higher consciousness.
Yes, I would recommend this class. It does bring a universal cohesion of body and spirit, earth, and heaven.

The class felt very different than in 2008 because the energy is different now. Activating each person’s sacred geometry patterns helps them feel empowered, and empowering people feels of great importance right now.

I would say that this work is a great opportunity for those seeking connection to higher levels
of consciousness. The process is energy healing with the addition of the inlay structure.

I found the last diamond inlay protocol to be very expansive for helping my soul’s journey,
connecting with my spirit team, and my intuition.

It is really hard to put into words, but I feel like it helped to reconnect me to my higher self, that part of myself that has all the answers.

It gave me personal insights into myself that I had not thought of before. I felt more grounded, calm, and connected to a higher force.

This diamond inlay class provided a more straight-forward approach than did the 2008 class. Not only did we learn how to apply it to someone else, we learned self-care.

The Diamond Inlay has exponential effects for grounding. For the client, it amplifies the EEM techniques in a session. My opinion is that it should be taught as part of Year 3.

Take it to learn how to deepen your connection to energies that support your evolution. I took it because I wanted a spiritual/energetic process to help me transition into the third stage of life!

Vastly improved organization over the 2008 course, more fine-tuning of the technique, and how it should be applied. Diagrams easier to understand, excellent emphasis on techniques to be able to support the diamond inlay on yourself

I strongly recommend that you to take the course and follow the time schedule of the course if you are to watch the recording in order to feel the full benefit. Put yourself fully into it while watching. At some point during the course, I felt this strong connection to the source, and it was a profound and beautiful healing experience.

This course provides very clear instructions for carrying out the diamond inlay on self or other. Donna also gives very clear reasons why this is so important to do – to increase our connection to higher realms, to support our spiritual evolution, and to provide protection too. Why wouldn’t you do this course?! 🙂

Given the world situation we now face. I felt the diamond inlay work opened a path to higher intuition and support from the unseen realm. For me, and many of my clients, there was a subtle shift in energy. Many of us continue to practice the diamond inlay several times a week in hopes to create a network of humans intent on uplifting those with which we come into contact and therefore having a positive impact on the world as a whole.

Deepening of my appreciation for Diamond Inlay as a vehicle for spiritual evolution.

If you're feeling sad or despairing, take this class. It will renew your hope and purpose, and give you energy to continue to pursue your life path!

I would recommend this course both for EEM Practitioners and also for Energy Psychology Practitioners. The course is really compact, and both Donna's and David's contributions are significant. The EEM techniques by Donna as well as the guided meditations by David could easily stand alone. But combined, they are more powerful and can help you to find your purpose and meaning for life, or the next right step on your path. It enables your soul and Spirit to shine through your physical manifestation, while also strengthening your physical core.

I loved making connections between EEM and higher consciousness, and how it was articulated that through evolution of the collective unconscious. This satisfied a craving I have had since starting in EEM. I am incorporating it into my online classes and offerings so others who have that same craving
can be uplifted.
I would say that Donna sees the Diamond Inlay as extremely important right now for people's

Do it! I've watched the videos from 2008 and then took the class online when it was happening in SD. There is no comparison. The deep knowledge and trust achieved during the 2021 class, personally and on my client, was incredible. It's hard to describe how the Diamond Inlay works its magic, but it does. The information we received had much more depth than the 2008 class. I really enjoyed it!

This is my third time through the material. I still don’t think I get it totally, yet I feel it is so valuable that I teach several of the diamonds in my weekly classes.

This course is about deeply grounding in order to rise higher. The techniques you learn expand on any grounding techniques you learned in the original EEM. It's also a process to open up and expand your wings.

In a departure from other protocols, the connection to something bigger than “us” and beyond this planet was openly referenced. It was actually an integral part of the “story” of this protocol. Previously, the divine source, whatever it is called, has only been occasionally hinted. The difference here , I believe, reflects the increased perceptions, awareness, that I am seeing across the board, and as such is meeting the energy of these times as we move beyond “protocols” into the bigger picture. Beyond “me” to “everything.”

A sampling of the replies to questions about the benefits of the class besides the ones listed in the survey (again in no particular order, just as they came in):

Easier and more expansive access to multi-dimensional experiences.

I have done it on myself and exchanged as partners with my husband. He had huge processing after the work to do as energies shifted for him to take notice and let go. Then he felt more stable, grounded, and at peace.

I have treated several clients with the Diamond Inlay. They become more spiritually attuned, able to hear and perceive their intuition and its messages better, calmer, and grounded!


I have taught the exercises to many of my clients, and they LOVE it.

It is very consoling to get to work with this technique when so many tangible things in the world are not in my control!

Greater sense of inner structure. Support for personal evolution.

I have used the Diamond Inlay regularly with clients since I first learned the Diamond Inlay in 2008. I remember my first experience with the Diamond Inlay vividly. I traveled into the inner worlds and saw the universal diamond geometry and how we all are a part of this.

This work seemed to loosen up things at a very deep level and clear them out like nothing I have used in a very long time. I felt very clear and connected on much higher levels than before.

I felt some profound shifts during and after receiving the diamond inlay on the back.

Increase in feeling vibrational energy in myself.

It’s helped the clients I’ve shared it with feel better connected to higher forces.

I felt deep connections to some source energy, I was smiling, tears running down, felt we are all one. I also felt my grounding was profoundly enhanced.

This is such a lovely, powerful and amazing course! At a time when so many of us feel despondent and despair, Donna showed us that there are energies all around us supporting positive growth.

Even if I never did one of the techniques again, the impact of this course is unparalleled. I've taken tons of advanced classes, and this one was just what is needed right now! I'm thrilled each time I return to it and get another nugget (diamond!) of wisdom. Everyone should take this class!

I've mostly been using the Discerning Diamond. I often do it before I go to bed and I find that I
sleep better. I also like doing it at the end of a self session.

The Diamond Inlay technique is really powerful!!! I most often apply it in the morning before stepping out of bed. It sets you up for the entire day.

I believe I've had more access to higher consciousness.

Many of my clients are very comfortable stepping into the higher realms and really enjoyed expanding into the “unlimited possibilities” that the Diamond Inlay techniques provide. Their favorites are "Wonder Woman Wings" and the Encased Diamond Inlay !!!

One client said her back feels stronger.

Have only had the opportunity to use it once on 3 different people. There was a common theme of feeling safe to expand and adopt an open attitude to the nonphysical.

I have greatly appreciated the inlay protocol that works directly with the third eye and enhancing/improving connection with my own guiding inner voice.

I teach the “do it on yourself” version of these techniques. Everyone LOVES them!