Breezing Through Dental Surgery

A self-taught Energy Medicine (EM) practitioner had excellent success in mitigating both the pain and the impact of dental surgery using simple techniques contained in the Energy Medicine Daily Routine and the Energy Psychology Basic Recipe.

Samantha Herron began doing the Daily Energy Routine back in April of 2010, after viewing the DVD Introduction to Energy Medicine and reading Energy Medicine and The Promise of Energy Psychology.

In August, she had to schedule dental surgery for early September to have all of her teeth extracted in preparation for getting dentures. Her fear of the dentist was so strong she came close to having a panic attack just thinking about going to the dentist for a routine visit, let alone the procedure she was facing. She knew that she had to do something to alleviate that fear or she would likely cancel the appointment.

Luckily she'd read about the Energy Psychology Basic Recipe. So, while she continued with her Daily Routine she also began doing the Basic Recipe during the three weeks leading up to the surgery. This proved to be very successful. By the time the surgery date approached she was no longer feeling fear or anxiety.

The surgery was originally scheduled for one visit, but complications in removing the lower teeth changed the plan. She had to be rescheduled for another visit the next week for the upper teeth. As she continued to work the Daily Routine and Basic Recipe, any remaining dread about the continuation of the surgery was eliminated.

There was a final complication with the surgery – a few of the root tips had broken off during the procedure. The dentist suggested coming back in two months for evaluation, noting that it was possible that additional surgery may be required to remove those root tips. Happily, this additional surgery proved unnecessary. When Samantha returned in two months, they saw that the root tips had been encased in bone growth and would not cause any further problems. She was ahead of the healing schedule and avoided any additional surgery. Samantha was elated and exclaimed, "Energy work, works!"

Samantha is available for inquiries about this case. She can be reached at: [email protected]
(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong, March 2011)