Breast Fibroids

Submitted by: Diane Grant

About 2 years ago I noticed some fairly large lumps in my left breast. I had never noticed these before. They were firm and seemed immobile, so I was concerned.

I visited my doctor who examined the lumps and referred me for a mammogram. After the mammogram I was told the lumps were fibroids and not to worry. After some personal research I discovered that mammograms cannot necessarily rule out benign vs. malignant lumps. I was very uneasy as I had never had lumps like this before.

During this same time period I had a few sessions of energy medicine with Diane Grant. She encouraged me to follow my instincts and pursue further examination until I felt comfortable with the diagnosis. More importantly she worked with me to show me methods to bring positive energy into the energy of concern, methods to improve energy flow in the area, and methods to improve my mental state as I was feeling very anxious and fearful.

As a result of Diane's work, I requested further medical examination until I was comfortable with the diagnosis. I had an ultrasound and was examined by a surgeon. I was told there is really nothing you can do about fibroids and associated pain.

Nevertheless, I continued to do the Energy Medicine exercises, and eventually the fibroids disappeared!!

I feel the exercises were directly responsible for this.

Even if they weren't, Energy Medicine was HUGE in helping me go through this situation; by giving me peace of mind and helping me take charge of my health!

Thank you!

Charlene (Master Social Work and mother of four)

Practitioner's Comments:

To begin, we worked with the Daily Energy Routine to get her energies balanced and to give her some tools to work with on her own and also to feel comfortable with me, as she was feeling very anxious with her situation.

We worked with Triple Warmer and Spleen energy to calm everything down, and allow us to work at a deeper level.

We also worked with the chakras to clear, electricals, neurolymphatics & neurovasculars and meridians Tie Flow, Belt flow, Separating Heaven and Earth; very important to bring the energy through the body.

We worked with Energy Psychology to bring her anxiety level down and were very successful, even with the basics.

She was encouraged to wear a bra without an underwire.

What I also noticed was a heaviness in her heart area, that was coming from another source, a real pulling.

An old relationship many years before, that had not ended well, he was dying from lung cancer.

We helped to release this by the client doing figure 8's towards him from her heart to give his energy back to him and pull hers back to her.... in a very loving way.

Also holding the heart chakra, and visualizing the energy moving through the heart meridian and off the baby finger.

I believe this testimonial portrays the importance of how very empowering Energy Medicine is to all and just how it can benefit someone as they faithfully do the exercises along with some sessions.

Diane Grant, July 2006