A Math Teacher Uses Cross-Over Techniques to Significantly Help a 17-Year-Old Student

By Karen Harris

Karen Harris is a math teacher and Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner. She shared with us the story of discovering the reason behind one of her student’s academic difficulties. Through asking a few pointed questions, it became apparent to her that this young man’s energies were homolateral (not crossing over). Karen suggested a few very simple cross-over techniques and encouraged her student to follow through with the exercises every day. What came about in the following months shocked Karen and delighted her student! Here is what Karen had to share…

I had a new student enter my math class who was working very hard. He paid attention in class and did the work he was asked to do. He was very organized, neat, accurate with notes, etc. He was a model student. He had high marks (honours) in both academic English and Social Studies, and yet he was enrolled in the lowest academic math class he was able to take.

Something was wrong. Something didn't fit. I pulled him out of class after watching him for a couple of weeks and asked him why he was in this math class.

"I can't do math!"

"What do you mean you can't do math?"

"I can't do math! I try and try and try and I just can't do math!"

I then remembered seeing him get extra help from the academic math instructor the semester before.

"What did you get in that math course last semester?"


Yeash! Maybe he can't do math! We went on in the conversation for a few minutes and then it hit me! I began to quiz him.

"I bet you never crawled as a baby, did you?"

"Nope, Mom and Dad said I just got up one day and started walking!"

"I bet you hate to run."

"Oh man! I hate running!!!"

"...and you hate Phys Ed. Every time you hold your hands up to catch the ball it smacks you in the face doesn't it?"


His eyes are starting to widen. He realizes the accuracy of my statements.

"I think I may have something that will work for you. When you go home tonight, ask your mom and dad to come in and see me. I want to explain something to them."

The next day the student came back and reported that his mom and dad would not come in to meet with me. They reasoned that they were bad in math and therefore he would be too! (I hate that statement!) Now I was in a jam. I was not yet certified in Eden Energy Medicine, I had no proof, no success stories, and no parent support. I had nothing to validate what I wanted to tell him to do. So, I paced for a couple of days knowing that if the parents took exception to this, I could lose my job. Finally, I concluded to myself, " a 30-year career is a 30-year career! I can't not tell him!"

I pulled him aside after class and told him what I wanted him to do. I gave him a number of cross-over exercises: marching, touching his knees, crawling, etc. As I was just starting my training with Eden Energy Medicine, I didn't yet know about the Wayne Cook Posture, working with Poi balls, or other cross-over techniques. He was instructed to do these exercises "little bit lots." It was better to do a little bit many times a day than do all the exercises at one time, once.

This was in October, and three days after telling him this, I was pulled off work because of exhaustion, (my husband was very ill and dying) so I didn't see him again until months later. In June, I went back to the school to visit the staff and students on what happened to be Track and Field Day. As I visited, I noticed this student was sitting with his back up against one of the buildings. He was recording the activities of the day. I walked up and sat beside him.

"So, how is it going?" He looked at me and smiled.

He said, "You know that math class you left in?"


"Well, I got 92% in it!"

"Wow, good for you!"

"And... I am in academic math this semester!"

"Wait a minute! You're in Grade 11 academic math? I've taught that course! That's a tough course! How are you doing?"

He told me last fall he got 32% in the pre-requisite course, and whatever he has now, will be very close to the final mark.



(He smirks!)

"AND... I just finished a 10 km (6 miles) run!"

(My jaw drops!)

"Okay! That's it! Tell me what happened!"

This 17-year-old student looks at me and grins.

"I had no reason to not to trust you Mrs. H., so I did everything you asked me to do."

"How long did it take?"

"About three months."

"What happened?"

"It felt like something broke or snapped!"

"Exactly. You'll be fine now! Keep doing the exercises, but you are over the hard part!"

Still grinning he adds, "Oh yeah, I just enrolled in Tennis lessons!"

I walked away marveling how something so simple changed a person's life so dramatically. That was my "Ah ha!" moment. That's when it became real for me and I learned the power of Eden Energy Medicine! I have now developed other methods that are a lot more efficient for the high school and college-age students.

As expected, the success stories just keep rolling in! I tell my students, “The only time it doesn't work is when you don't do it!”

Karen is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner. She is a Learner Success Strategist at a college and has an Energy Medicine practice on the side in Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada. You can reach Karen at [email protected].