A Child’s Intuition

by Gail Van Kanegan, NP

Children have the ability to view the world with incredible creativity and a genuine sense of knowing. However, it became most evident to me just how much children are intuitive about Energy Medicine (EM) when I was witness to the ability of my three-year old grandson, Gavin, help to heal another person. Ever since Gavin was conceived, he has received energy work from me in a variety of forms. When he was able to talk, he started to tell me “Feels good, Grandma” every time I massaged his aura or hooked him up.

I live 400 miles from Gavin and was at his home for a week in December. A close friend of mine stopped by to visit one evening. She could barely walk or lift her legs to get up the steps into the house. In our discussions, she told me how over the past 6 months she had been having increased pain of her legs and low back to the point that she could not lift her foot enough to get dressed or put on her shoes. She had been working with her doctor who has not been able to provide any relief from the pain and she has become increasingly fatigued, de-conditioned, and weakened.

I immediately began to assess her energies and found her to be ungrounded, disconnected, and with no energy moving below the waist. She rated the pain at a 9/10 of her thigh muscles where they connect to the pelvis and low back. I grounded her, traced her meridians, and did the Belt Flow a few times. Her pain disappeared immediately and she was able to raise her feet as high as her knees to march in place!

My friend and I were in the kitchen doing the energy work and Gavin was playing intensely with his cars and dinosaurs under the kitchen table. He was not interacting in our conversation or the energy work. I asked my friend to sit down on the chair again and I went to hook her up. My hand went for the navel and intuitively moved to her power point.

In the next instant, as I hooked her up, Gavin stopped playing with his toys and came up to us and stood directly in front of my friend sitting on the chair. He looked at her seriously and put his finger right into her navel to help! I was amazed when Gavin came over to help my friend heal!

I acknowledged Gavin with a nod and a minute later, the energy shifted as she hooked up. I sighed. Even more amazing was that Gavin also sighed with me! In the next instant, we both spontaneously released our touch on my friend at the exact same time. By this point, I was so overjoyed by three-year-old Gavin’s intuitive nature that I had tears in my eyes and began to praise him for his help in healing our friend.

Just when I thought I had the ultimate experience of joyful Energy Medicine, Gavin began to do figure eights on my friend! Gavin continued to bring gratitude to my heart again by saying to my friend, “Feels good doesn’t it?” By this time, the tears were flowing as I marvelled at Gavin’s intuitive sensitivity.

Gavin and I have a new connection through the energies from this experience. One that reaches deep into our souls!

Foster our children’s intuition for they truly are the future.

God Bless the Children!