Resource Page for Diamond Inlay EEM Practitioners

Resource Page for Diamond Inlay EEM Practitioners


Each was on the Faculty or on the Support Team during the 2021 Diamond Inlay Class in San Diego and is available at her standard fee for Zoom Consultations on your use of Diamond Inlay with your clients or in your own personal journey – in alphabetical order:


1) Online Meetup Group (Free)

Junia Chou, an EEM Advanced Practitioner and Teacher, has been hosting daily Daily Energy Routine boosters since Dec 2021. For the month of February (“in honor of Donna's birthday month”), the group will be dedicated to the Diamond Inlay. Junia will be going thru 30-minutes of Diamond Inlay exercises each day. The Meetup is open to anyone, online via Zoom. For more information, visit (times vary, see website – you can join at any point even if you’ve missed February 1).

2) Intention Groups (Free)

Junia has also been hosting Intention Groups for EM communities (inspired by Lynne McTaggart’s "Power of 8" Intention Groups). If you are interested in joining or learning how they are incorporating Diamond energy and other EM work into these groups, you can reach Junia at [email protected] or text her on Whatsapp (510) 265-4842. If you'd like to join an upcoming new intention group starting February, please fill out the Interest Form here.

You can add a DIAMOND INLAY SUPPORT GROUP: Write Kelmie Blake.


One of the Most Enthusiastic Diamond Inlay Practitioners and Teachers Ever

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