Liability Insurance

 Liability Insurance

A current liability insurance policy with Innersource listed as an Additional Insured Endorsement (AIE) is required for maintaining a practitioner listing on the Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner Directory. The AIE is a standard practice and generally does not cost extra on the policy.

When you list Innersource as an Additional Insured Endorsement, please use:

Innersource/Eden Energy Medicine
777 East Main Street
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 488-7662
[email protected]

If you are a practitioner looking to be listed on the Innersource website and are operating in a country outside the USA, obtaining AIE or even insurance at all, may be something you are unable to do. If this is the case, please contact Innersource to discuss what you have found out about insurance in your location. Not having the AIE coverage for Innersource, if you are practicing internationally, may not prevent you from being listed.

You are free to choose your insurance carrier.

Some EEM Certified Practitioners already have liability insurance tied to a professional license. In that case you only need to be certain that it also covers your EEM activities and set up the AIE.

For those who do not have professional liability insurance, we have done some research and mapped out the following suggestions, any of which satisfies our requirements. For more details go to the websites that are listed.

Insurance Through A Massage Organization

In general, when working with massage insurance carriers, you will notice on their websites that the requirements discuss whether your state regulates massage and body work. If the only modality you use in your practice is energy medicine, this may not apply to you. If you are using another modality in addition to EEM or massage or another energy healing approach, you may need a specific type of policy that covers your additional modality. Some states do not regulate the practice of energy work, and we encourage you to contact your state profession's bureau to find out more. If your state does not regulate energy work, you will be asked to sign a form which specifies that you are being insured in only a single modality. On this form you want to list "energy healing" or "Energy Medicine" if that is an option.

You should be able to get all the other information you need from the below websites or the very friendly staff each of these companies possess via telephone. Beyond the insurance, we believe you will find these insurance carriers to be valuable organizations with which to be associated. And please be sure to list Innersource as an AIE.

Insurance Through An Energy Medicine (EM) Organization

There can be advantages to obtaining your Liability Insurance through an EM Organization. One is that you can list ALL the Energy Medicine modalities you practice as long as they meet the training guidelines of that organization. Another advantage is that you will be supporting the profession of Energy Medicine as a unique practice by raising the visibility and stature of EM practitioners.

When applying for Professional Liability Insurance with EMPI (see below), you are expected to comply with the local, county and state regulations that determine the necessary requirements to practice your profession legally.

USA Insurance Carriers

ABMP (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals)

ABMP Phone: (800) 458-2267
To list Innersource as an AIE: no extra cost

Cost: $199/year to join the Practitioner Membership, which is for those that have less than 500 hours in a modality. If you are a massage therapist you should consider ABMP's highest level, Professional Membership. Both memberships will list you on their national referral list.

Energy Medicine Professional Insurance (EMPI)

EMPI Phone: 210-960-8807
To list Innersource as an AIE: $10

Student Member $225 annually
Practitioner Member $250 annually
Instructor Member $350 annually

HandsOn Trade Association

HandsOn Phone: (800) 872-1282
To list Innersource as an AIE: Additional $10

Cost: $155/year

Hands On Trade provides liability insurance and benefits for students and licensed professionals of Massage Therapy, Cosmetology, Yoga, and more.

Canadian Insurance Carriers

Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Phone: (289) 221-1712
Fax: (905) 886-5622
Email: [email protected]

Cost: $180 (Canadian)

Lackner McLennan Insurance

Phone: (800) 265-2625 x 350 (ask for Beth McVeigh)
To list Innersource as an AIE; No additional cost

$225 (Canadian for 1 million liability)
$265 (Canadian for 5 million liability)

Preventative Health Services Group

Phone: (416) 423-2765, ask for George or Thelxi Keramaris
Email: [email protected]
To list Innersource as an AIE: No additional Cost

Cost: $185 (Canadian)

United Kingdom Insurance Carriers

We are delighted to announce that some of the top practitioner insurance companies have agreed to cover EEM as a named therapy – so you can work with confidence and reassurance. We are happy to talk with any insurance company in other countries – please contact European Coordinator, Madison King, if you feel this is necessary. Both provide limited European cover.

Holistic Insurance Services

Phone: 0345 2222236 or +44 1 327 354249
Email: [email protected]

Cost: Annual premium is approximately £38.50 for students and £62.95 for qualified therapists residing in the UK. Any one applying from Ireland will need to contact Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers 071 914 1030. Their policy provides cover for working worldwide subject to a UK or Irish jurisdiction condition. However, the policy holder must be resident in the UK OR Ireland. Insurance laws vary so dramatically in each EU country that they advise you to take out cover in your country of residence.

BALENS Insurance

Phone: 0044 [0] 1684 893 006
Email: [email protected]

Cost: Quotations on request.

Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)

Phone: 023 8062 4350
Fax: 023 8062 4399
Email: [email protected]

Cost: The membership fee is £59.99 and the fee for insurance is either £46.81 per annum for £3m cover or £53.21 for a £6m cover. You would have to be a member of FHT in order to take out any of their insurance packages.