Sedating Meridians for Pain Relief

A physician who is also an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP) in North Carolina successfully treated a client with severe pain using simple Energy Medicine techniques.

Bill Milligan, M.D., treated a 58-year-old woman who described a repetitive, sudden onset of excruciating pain in her upper right chest, where the second rib attaches to the sternum. Even minimal movement provoked intense pain described as "knife-like." She had no previous history of trauma or other aggravating factors.

This condition is called Costochondritis, or inflammation of the rib/sternal junction. Bill knew that in most cases it affects women, and the etiology cannot usually be discerned. Due to the severe pain associated with the condition, it is usually treated with potent anti-inflammatory medicines and/or opiates for pain control. It normally runs a benign course, but the first few days are very painful.

On the day Bill saw her, even minimal breathing produced a severe lancinating pain. He first attempted an EEM technique called "siphoning off the pain," then counterclockwise hand movements over the painful area, and, finally, Qi Gong energy movement, all without significant help.

He noted that Kidney meridian ran through the affected area and decided on sedating it. Using the usual sedating then control points (see Donna Eden/Energy Medicine), he held these until they became very palpable and symmetrical. This technique produced almost instantaneous results. The severe pain subsided very quickly and his client was able to breathe and move her chest without wincing. The pain had not entirely vanished, but she was functional and greatly relieved. When Bill followed up with her in 36 hours, she reported that the pain had diminished by about 80%, without using any medication.

In his medical practice Bill has treated a number of people with this condition prior to his Energy Medicine (EM) training. His previous experience indicated that this condition normally takes a minimum of five days and a lot of medications to relieve the pain and inflammation. Seeing such a dramatic improvement in so short a period of time was a revelation to him and reaffirmed the power of Energy Medicine in this particular case. 

Bill is available for comments and inquiries pertaining to this case history. He can be reached at [email protected]