Online Sessions Policy

Online Sessions Policy

While Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is usually offered as a hands-on approach, increasing numbers of practitioners have been providing online sessions where they teach clients how to self-apply EEM methods for their specific needs. For those of you who have experienced in-person sessions, these will have a different feel, but they can still offer you powerful tools for learning how to bring your body’s energies into balance, which can greatly support your health and wellbeing. Whether online or in-person, at the heart of each EEM session is our strong belief that the body is designed to heal itself and that our practitioners can facilitate this process. 

The online sessions are proving to be of substantial value according to the clients receiving them. With the COVID-19 pandemic, and many more people offering and seeking online EEM sessions, we have developed a set of Guidelines for our practitioners. Online EEM sessions may be offered by Certified EEM Practitioners with the understanding that they follow these Guidelines. If you are considering arranging an online session with one of our practitioners, the letter we sent that informed them of the Guidelines may be of interest for orienting yourself to this approach. Or contact a practitioner to discuss specifics. The letter was sent as an e-mail on March 23, 2020, and it was updated for the purpose of this posting on March 31:

Dear EEM Practitioner,

As the COVID-19 pandemic is preventing face-to-face EEM sessions, many of our practitioners are offering sessions online or are considering such services. We have given a great deal of thought to what is appropriate in envisioning, offering, and describing online EEM sessions and to what is not appropriate. In consultation with some of our most highly experienced practitioners, we have developed the following Guidelines, which we are sending you as official EEM policy from this point forward:

EEM Practitioners (when representing themselves as EEM Practitioners) can serve as “energy coaches” by providing the following services remotely:

  1. Instruct and supervise clients in performing EEM techniques on a self-help basis.
  2. Guide clients in selecting which techniques to use in relationship to their specific needs.
  3. Teach clients how to self-test. Always include, of course, strong caveats that self-testing is an art that requires practice to make it reliable. Still, it can be empowering for people as a route toward learning how to track and self-assess their own energies. You can watch the client practice self-testing and provide feedback.
  4. Teach clients how to more consciously attune to the energies within their bodies so they can track the results of specific techniques without self-testing as such. Having them articulate what they are aware of builds this capacity.
  5. Provide non-EEM information that is relevant to the client’s health needs, if you are qualified by training to do so (e.g., nutritional advice) or with appropriate disclaimers.
  6. Be a source of emotional support, caring, and inspiration. These conversations will also of course connect you in with the client energetically, give you information about the direction for the session, and help you track the outcomes of any homework you assigned in the previous session.

What this means for you:

  • We support having our practitioners refer to the services outlined above as “Online EEM Sessions” or “Remote EEM Sessions.”
  • We do not support anything that 1) implies that Innersource teaches “distant healing” (energy sent over a distance that has specific impactful healing properties) or 2) that we train or certify our practitioners to be able to claim that they provide distant healing.

We want to close by emphasizing what one of our practitioners said when reviewing this letter: “The heart of Donna's work is empowerment, helping others heal themselves. This is the focus of my remote work – educate and empower clients by teaching them the EEM tools.” The most basic principle of EEM is that the body is designed to heal itself and that our job as practitioners is to help facilitate that natural process. Specifically, when you bring the body’s energies into balance – body, mind, and spirit come into a natural harmony that supports healing, wellness, and thriving.

Thank you for radiating this principle into the world, one-on-one, in your classes, in your communications, and now online if you choose to step onto that path.

Sending our blessings that you keep your spirits high and your health vibrant during these challenging times!


Donna and David