Measuring the Effects of Energy Medicine

A number of cardiologists whose nurses are trained in Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) introduce EEM to hypertensive patients by taking the patient's blood pressure in the office, having the patient do a few simple Eden Energy Medicine techniques, such as holding the neurovascular points, and again taking the blood pressure. Virtually always, it is significantly lower on the second reading.

We were reminded of the mentions of these and similar uses of simple, standard measuring devices we've heard over the years when we received the following from Betsy Keller, an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner:

"I was in the hospital with my husband, who was having a colonoscopy. While we were waiting for him to be called in, he was experiencing a headache which he attributed to caffeine deprivation as he had gone cold turkey in prep for the procedure. I offered to balance his energies. I was holding his neurovascular points when the nurse asked what I was doing. My husband responded, 'She is taking away my headache.'  Later, the nurse returned and asked how his headache was. My husband responded, 'It's gone, she took it away.'"

"After my husband returned from the colonoscopy, the nurses were out of the room, so I decided to balance his energies. I began doing the Brazilian Toe Technique and I noticed that his blood pressure dropped around 10 points systolic and around 7 points diastolic. Next, the beeper went off and in came the nurses. My husband's pulse had gone below 50. They reset the minimum to 45. As I continued doing the Brazilian Toe, his pulse kept going down, so the beeper went off again. I decided to switch to pressing in on his K-1 points. His pulse immediately rose by about 7 beats/minute. When I took my hands away from the K-1 points, his pulse went back down. If I just held my hand on the K-1 points, his pulse remained fairly stable."

"It was really fun to watch what I was doing with my hands register on the screen. It occurred to me that this could be a great way to demonstrate Eden Energy Medicine in action. I wonder if anyone has ever done research on energy medicine while the client is hooked up to the pulse monitor?"

While all the studies done under our umbrella have been totally informal, we are happy to share that the Energy Medicine Research Interest Group is creating a great deal of wonderful dialogue and promising projects to support Energy Medicine research.