Knee Surgery Cancelled (Twice) After Energy Medicine Treatments

Gail Jett, a certified Eden Energy Medciine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP) in Oregon, assisted her husband with a swollen and painful knee condition using EEM. This is a condition that, in previous years, had led to infection, treatment with antibiotics, and eventually surgery. This time, thanks to Gail's Energy Medicine (EM) knowledge, her husband recovered completely and without surgery. Surgery was actually scheduled at two different points and both times, when he showed up for the operation, the surgeon sent him home because the improvements were so dramatic and unexpected.

Five years ago, Gail's husband, a plumber, was at work kneeling on a concrete floor. Although he normally wears knee pads, on this day he did not. Within 24-hours he developed swelling, redness, and pain in the knee. The condition worsened over the next 48-hours and he developed a fever. He saw an orthopedic surgeon who determined that he had an infected bursa. There was no improvement to the knee after a course of antibiotics. The decision was made to incise, drain, and remove the infected bursa. Although the operation was successful, he had to stop working for several weeks while it healed.

Just recently, he again had to kneel on a concrete floor. This caused the knee to become swollen and painful again. He treated it with ice, elevation, and ibuprofen, and continued to work. Within a week it appeared to be improving, but then he had to put in long hours over a weekend. By Sunday night it was significantly more swollen and painful. The following morning, Gail did a full Energy Medicine session on him and found through pre-checks that his energies were running backwards and homolateral. She did a Quickie Balance to correct this condition. She continued to track the energy and found over-energy in the Stomach, Bladder, and Kidney meridians and under-energy in the Spleen meridian. She directed him to hold Water Neurovasculars while processing any fears (he admitted to being scared to death of a re-run of the surgery episode). She sedated Stomach and Bladder meridians and strengthened Spleen by flushing and then holding the strengthening points. For the Kidney meridian she performed a 3-point (sedate, strengthen, and control). She completed the session with the Brazilian Toe Technique. He said that he could feel the pressure moving out of the knee and the knee did look better.

Unfortunately, he needed to go finish the job. He did not get back until late Monday night. By Tuesday morning, the knee was significantly more swollen, red, throbbing, and painful. He called in sick to work. They discussed the situation and decided to let him try more Energy Medicine first. They began this process:

  • He did the Three Thumps every hour.
  • He flushed and strengthened Spleen using the points from the chart every two hours.
  • He did the 3 point on Kidney every 2 hours.
  • Gail placed the north side of a magnet over the most painful part.

By noon, the knee was feeling better. When Gail got home from work, she followed up with:

  • A chakra clearing over the knee.
  • Pain siphoning.
  • Quickie Balance.
  • Spleen strengthening (flushing, and holding strengthening points).
  • Another 3 point on Kidney.
  • Brazilian Toe Technique.

She found that it took close to 7 minutes to get the strengthening point pulses to synchronize and the energy felt very "jumpy" and surging. After her treatment he went to bed.

The improvement in pain, swelling, and redness the next morning was remarkable. He was able to go to work. He wore the magnet again (under his knee pads) and did the Three Thumps every hour. While there was a little more swelling at the end of the day, the throbbing pain did not return and the redness did not worsen. The condition appeared to be resolving.

Over the next two days he worked a weekend that required lots of bending and kneeling. By Sunday the knee was swelling again. The following day, even though he kept his leg elevated as much as possible, by that evening there was redness and more swelling. Gail decided to try magnets, similar to how one might treat a broken bone with magnets. He went to sleep with the magnets taped in place.

The next morning he had more pain and there was an abscess right at the point of pain under the first magnet. They went to the orthopedist. He incised and drained the abscess. Gail's husband was scheduled for surgery in 48 hours. He started antibiotics and the knee continued to drain. During the interim, Gail had him continue the Energy Medicine routines that he'd been doing. She also checked and found a vortex in the front and back of his knee and corrected it. She did a full session with him on the morning of his surgery, including flushing Kidney and Spleen meridians with a magnet, sedating Small Intestine and Chakra clearing. Prior to the surgery, the doctor checked the knee again and was amazed to find that there was no further purulent drainage. This was a very positive and quite unexpected development. As a result, the surgery was cancelled and her husband sent home.

A week later, he returned for a follow up visit. There was pus present, so surgery was once again scheduled. And once again Gail and her husband used the days before surgery for energy medicine. Gail gave him a full session each day for the next three days. Sessions included: Spleen and Kidney flushes, flushing neurolymphatics, holding neurovasculars, balancing the yin and yang meridians, and even included some EFT for emotional issues relating to the knee problems.

Three days later, when he reported for surgery the swelling had once again abated, the pus was gone, and pain was no longer present. Surgery was again cancelled and the doctors were once again quite surprised.

Her husband was able to leave on a long-awaited motorcycle trip the next day and upon his return his knee was fine and he went back to work.

Gail states that they both felt empowered and relieved by the experience of using Energy Medicine in this case. As she sums it up: "I believe that there are numerous medical situations where Energy Medicine can and should be used, and I feel the implications for less aggressive medical treatment have many possible scenarios. That said, however, I would also caution that appropriate medical care be obtained to rule out situations that, if missed, could have very serious repercussions for the client. I believe that in the hands of knowledgeable and skilled practitioners there is absolutely room to blend the two modalities, and I feel that this situation is a good illustration of that."

Gail is a family nurse practitioner with a specialty in OB/GYN and a general practice in EEM. She is available for inquiries concerning this case. She can be reached at: [email protected]

(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong, August 2011)