Helping a Comatose Patient

An Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP) used Energy Medicine techniques to help a patient awaken from a coma-state. The patient had fallen into the coma while at the hospital following a heart by-pass surgery. Doctors were perplexed when she went into the coma and were not able to explain why. The EEM Certified Practitioner, assisted by the patient’s niece, used several EM techniques in a single session. Following that session, other visitors reported that the patient had improved markedly and eventually improved enough to be released.

In October of 2009, Jan Firstenberg, an EEM-CP and ordained interfaith minister, received an email from a woman who had graduated from a 5-day Energy Medicine class. This woman, Mary (with the exception of Jan’s name, all other names in this narrative have been changed) explained that her sister, Susan, was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at a hospital in New York. She was at the hospital recovering from heart bypass surgery and had suddenly gone into a coma. She was on a respirator and her brain activity was very low. Doctors did not know what had caused the condition. Jan was in New York. Mary asked Jan if she could visit Susan and do some Energy Medicine.

Mary was a graduate of a 5-day seminar. Susan had taken a weekend seminar. Mary told Jan that Susan had a history of medical problems including diabetes (which led to a leg amputation), heart failure (she required a pacemaker), and that she had been in an ICU once before because of liver failure. When Susan was in the ICU previously, Mary had worked on her radiant circuits and K1, the wellspring of life.

Jan agreed to see Susan in the ICU. She asked that a member of the family be there also. Mary’s niece, Pam, agreed to come. Since Pam had no EM training, Jan first met Pam at the hospital and did some basic energy testing and corrections on Pam to ensure that both of them were balanced and grounded before going into the ICU.

Jan explained to the nurses that they were there to do a healing ritual, and though delayed for over an hour, they eventually got the nurse to agree to let them begin the ritual in the halls of the ICU. They both began doing Figure-8’s and after about five minutes the curtain opened and they were allowed to go in to see Susan. Pam spoke to Susan, introducing Jan. Susan briefly opened her eyes and closed them. Jan explained that she was an Interfaith Minister and Eden Energy practitioner and asked if they had Susan’s permission to do some EM work. Susan was unresponsive, but Pam urged Jan on. Jan sensed Susan’s approval so they began.

Pam did Figure-8’s while Jan went through the following sequence:

  • Trace bridge and regulator circuits
  • Belt flow
  • Sedate Triple Warmer, followed immediately by more radiant circuits. (Jan was not sure if TW needed strengthening or sedating but felt TW would not fight the work on radiant circuits)
  • Holding K-1 (estimated the location on Susan’s phantom foot)
  • Holding wood element neuro-vascular points (Mary had told Jan that Susan was a wood element)

Jan decided to do a round of Energy Psychology tapping before they had to leave. Jan used the theme of anger (knowing she was a Wood element and having heard from Mary that Susan had a lot of anger). Jan told Susan that they were going to use that righteous anger to help her body heal itself. Pam followed Jan’s lead and together they surrogate tapped for Susan, using variations of the phrasing "even though I'm pissed off that I'm stuck in this bed with all these tubes in me, I deeply love and accept myself, and I choose to get rid of all this crap and be strong and healthy". They did three rounds of tapping. (Jan chose this wording based on Mary’s description of Susan’s personality and energy.)

Jan ended with an exercise of sending Yin energy up Susan’s body and then holding K1 again while Pam did more Figure-8’s. Jan reminded Susan that the sacred healing space with all the healing power of the Universe was still around her and it would be there to protect her and bring her comfort. Then Jan and Pam said goodbye and left.

The next day, Jan got an email from Mary with wonderful news. She wrote that Susan’s sister-in-law had come to visit about an hour after Jan and Pam had left and that she reported that Susan was in much better condition than when she’d seen her right after she’d fallen into the coma. Susan was awake and able to respond to questions by blinking her eyes, wriggling her toes, and using her tongue to make yes/no indications. Susan’s sister-in-law did not know that Jan had been to see Susan and was told by the nurses that Susan had been totally unresponsive earlier in the day before Jan and Pam’s visit.

A few days later Mary wrote to Jan again indicating that Susan continued to improve and was now on the respirator less than 50% of the time. Jan returned a week later. Susan had been upgraded to a less restrictive ICU room. Susan was conscious but not able to talk because of a breathing tube. Jan did another set of EM procedures, similar to the first set and then left. By December, Susan was able to breathe on her own and was doing well in a rehab facility.


This case history was submitted in December when Susan was doing well on her road to recovery. In mid-January Jan contacted Mary to check on Susan’s status and learned that she had been doing well, but had developed a staph infection in her heart and was back in the ICU. Mary was on her way to New York to be with Susan and called Jan after she arrived telling her that Susan had asked for Jan to come. Jan went to the hospital. Susan was already unconscious and her body had been disconnected from the medical tubes and apparatus. Jan and Mary performed a “passing ritual” for Susan, clearing out the negative energy and calling on the Universe to provide a sacred healing space for Susan’s soul. She died peacefully later that evening.

Although Susan passed away, Jan wanted the EM community to know the story and see the power of EM in changing conditions. Susan’s consciousness and power to communicate had been restored so she was given the opportunity to be among her friends, family and loved ones and say her goodbye’s before she passed.

(Compiled by Jeff Armstrong, January 2010)