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How The Challenge Works!

The Daily Energy Routine Challenge is completely free. Our LIVE challenge has passed but you can still follow along with each video at your own pace - starting with the introduction above. The entire playlist is posted above!

The goal is to master a simple routine that will begin to correct long-standing energetic imbalances and activate your innate healing energy. Since we know it's not easy to make space in your day for self-care, we are "challenging" everyone to do it for just 7 days.

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Read what ordinary people have to say about how the routine changed their lives:

Liz Crichton

Liz Crichton

Cured allergies and helped husband's diabetes...

I totally cured my 'allergies' . I was allergic to all solanaceas and onions and garlic and wine and ( longer term) cats which was cured too and surprised me even more! It seems to have made my vibration higher and it was very easy to turn to a plant-based diet. Husband followed suit and cured his Type 2 diabetes with a mixture of both. 

Reduced her thyroid medication...

I have a skeptical mind but am also pragmatic :), so I started doing The Daily Energy Routine every morning. Within a year I didn't need as much medicine for my Thyroid as before (more than 10 years). The Daily Energy Routine was my only change of life style, and after 1 year, my need for Thyroid medicine (Levaxin) was reduced from 100 mg to 75 mg. And during the next year down even more. Now I take 60-65 mg (microgram) per day. 

Alison van der Steen

Helped with large cancerous tumor

When I started doing the Daily Energy Routine, I had a large cancerous tumour. I was also supporting myself with emotional work and diet and I did have chemo but the doctors were still astounded when 6 months after diagnosis the tumour was gone and the tissue was subsequently found to be totally normal with no scarring. I know for sure the Daily Energy Routine was a critical part of my body’s immune system recovery.

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