Healing Sexual Abuse

It looks like things are on track for The Energies of Love to be published in time to be first presented at IGEEM in September. Chapter 8 is called “Sex Is Nature’s Energy Medicine for Couples: Invoking the Passion.” It actually covers many topics, such as looking at the energy dimensions of tantric sexuality and […]

Energy Psychology Transforms a Troubled Marriage

With the success of The Energies of Love, we are seeing more couples using “tapping” to help their relationship. The following case is excerpted from that book:Jim and Elizabeth, both in their early 30’s, had been together for eight years when they entered counseling. Elizabeth was certain that despite what he said, Jim no longer […]

Energies of Love: Healing Through Trauma

When June was 24, her high school sweetheart and then husband was killed in a traffic accident, the victim of a drunk driver. The loss was horrendous. She was depressed and almost inconsolable for the next two years. Eventually, however, she returned to school, started a new career, and was able to rebuild a meaningful […]