Eden Method Series on Energy
Psychology/EFT Tapping

Over the past few years, David Feinstein, Ph.D., has written a series of articles about Energy Psychology (the umbrella term for Emotional Freedom Techniques, Thought Field Therapy, “tapping,” and other personal growth techniques that work with the body’s subtle energies). Energy Psychology is turning out to be a powerful contribution to psychotherapy, thus David’s continued excitement about it nearly 50 years into his career as a clinical psychologist.

While David’s papers have been written primarily for therapists who use Energy Psychology methods in their practices, some of these papers are proving to be highly instructive for their clients as well. Whether you are a therapist, life coach, or someone looking into energy psychology for your own growth and challenges, we have selected 10 of David’s most influential or informative journal articles or book chapters for our e-letter and are presenting one each month over a 10-month period. Several sister organizations are also carrying the series.

Each installment will provide a brief overview of the topic, highlight some of the most important points, and then link to the entire paper. Among the topics will be Energy Psychology Through the Eyes of Those Who Use It, Healing from Trauma, Addressing the Psychological Roots of Illness, Treating Addictions, Working with Death and Dying, Research Demonstrating That Energy Psychology Is Fast and Effective, and How Tapping Works.

We hope this series will bring you greater understanding about what we believe is proving to be one of the most important developments for psychotherapy and personal development in recent decades.

Click here for the first article in the series.