Thirteen Moons of Wisdom

  A heroic journey to self- realization

About Marcela

“The feminine spirals into her fertile darkness not separated from the belly of the Earth and the dark expanse of the Universe."

At age 21, Marcela left a budding career in Chile as a journalist and arrived in hippie California. Wheatgrass juice, hang-loose surfing, and women’s hairy armpits offered her a freedom she did not know was possible. Studies of yoga and massage opened her eyes to a holistic life. Despite all these awakenings, a marriage and prompt motherhood revived her unhealed childhood traumas and generational wounding.

At age thirty, while miserably drowning in the dark pool of my fears, she was washed exhausted in the shores of the shamanic path. With the force and the speed of lightning, her life took a sharp turn towards her own healing and understanding of the hero’s journey. After a decade she had completed the core work of alchemizing her pain and sorrows into sources of wisdom and compassion. She was first initiated into the mystery teachings within the framework of the Four Winds Society, and then directly by the wisdom keepers of the Peruvian Andes and Amazon jungle.

Meanwhile, she returned to Chile, studied with the medicine women of the south, and created a retreat center in the mountains – together with her second husband, Alberto Villoldo, shaman, author, and founder of the mystery school she attended.

During all these years, her eagerness to feel and connect with the deepest truth of reality kept expanding in her heart. In her forties, she cultivated tantric and Buddhist practices which she weaves with love and joy with the rest of her rituals.

Class Description

that is not about the bright colors of the skies. Instead, is about making the journey inward to one’s own dark places - where demons lurk and treasures are hidden - until the light dawns within bringing true wisdom and love.

This realization is not the result of a single event but the maturation from walking each step of the hero's journey – beginning at the call to renew oneself and ending in the return home with unique gifts to share with a community.

Marcela presents an actualized map of thirteen milestones to help you understand where your life is stifled, how to surrender what is obsolete, and how to birth the world that you long for you and your children’s children.

Marcela will guide a soul retrieval journey to help you discover and recover the abandoned self left behind in the name of responsibility, stress, or trauma.

Class Details

Date: Sunday, September 11, 2022
Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm
Cost: $79 (does not include meals)

Registration: Coming soon


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