Energy Fest Work Benefit Program

Application period open until July 15, 2022

The intent of the Innersource Work Benefit Program (WBP) is to provide a few students with the opportunity to attend Energy Fest tuition free in exchange for working during the event. We anticipate that we will need about 7-9 people to assist us. WBP participants selected for the program will be granted free tuition to Energy Fest and will be allowed to enjoy most of the “open session” classes and Keynotes at leisure but will be assigned to designated breakout sessions for their work period. Participants will have the opportunity to request “working” certain classes, and while Innersource will make an effort to match WBP students up with classes they request, ultimately their “job” will require them to serve as host for classes as assigned.

The ideal candidate for this program is a student who is open to learning all aspects of Energy Medicine and is not particular as to what class they attend each session. If you have your heart set on attending specific classes with a specific teacher during the breakouts, then this is not the program for you. If you are flexible, however, MBP participants will be valued members of the Innersource team. You will have a special name badge, T-shirt and other elements identifying you as an important member of our support team.

Students chosen for this program will serve as hosts and our representative for one class each breakout session – working at a total of three breakout classes during the event. They will collect admission tickets, answer questions, and assist as needed to make their class a success. Participants in the program will be required to attend an orientation meeting at the Cleveland Renaissance hotel prior to the start of the Convention (time & exact location TBD – likely Thursday afternoon, September 8).

Compensation for WBP participants is limited to waived tuition and group meals but does not include hotel room. Those selected for the program will be required to pay full tuition fees up front but will be credited back their tuition upon completing their duties in full at the end of the convention. (Regretfully, this is a requirement we cannot waive.)

If this sounds like the opportunity you have been hoping would be available and have the desire to be part of the team working to make this 2022 Energy Fest Convention a great success, we look forward to your application and having you join us. Please note that last time we ran this offer, we had over 80 worthy applicants for our limited slots, so most will not be accepted. That is not intended to discourage you, but rather set a realistic expectation when applying. That said, you can’t be chosen if you don’t apply. The application period is open until July 15, 2022 & applicants will be notified of the results soon afterwards. Good Luck!


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