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Class starts at 8:30am Pacific Time on Feb 12. 

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Important tips to get most out of this class

Make Time In Your Calendar To Watch

Life can get busy and it can be easy to forget to forget the most important things in life. 

If you do have to miss part of the live class, you can re-watch the class when the time that's right for you. You have unlimited access to the class.

Person with notepad graphic

Keep a notepad/pen handy

We will be providing you with downloadable guidebooks. In addition to jotting down notes as you watch, the guidebooks are full of exercises and self-reflection questions to help you get the most out of the class. 

headphones graphics

Get headphones or a distraction free environment.

During the class we will be showing you real exercises that you can use right away. If you have your headphones on or at least are in an environment you can focus in, you have a greater chance of capturing these exercises for later use.