The Language of Energy

By David Feinstein

“Energy is the language your body speaks” is one of Donna’s most frequently quoted one-liners, and it is the theme of The Language Your Body Speaks, a new book by Ellen Meredith, one of our Advanced Practitioners. 

Two ways energy medicine practitioners recognize energy as the language of the body are in energy testing and energy interventions. Energy testing helps us “hear” the body’s energy language. Meanwhile, all the Eden Energy Medicine interventions are, in a sense, ways of “speaking” back to the body in that language. 

But energy is more than just a language. It is the force that animates the body and all its processes.  And it is an intelligent force. Think of the immune system. It is brilliant in its ability to detect invaders, determine which are real threats, and mobilize millions of cellular-level actions into individually-tailored strategies that are effective in countering most threats.  

The more you think about it, the more miraculous it seems. While the biochemistry of this process has been well-studied, it is the intelligent energies of the Triple Warmer, in collaboration with the other energy systems, that govern the entire operation.

By the third year of our Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, after having learned hundreds of techniques for intervening at the level of each of the body’s major energy systems, the focus shifts from primarily being about learning techniques to being much more about cultivating an energy-attuned intuition. Our practitioners learn how to attune themselves to the body’s energies. This is where those energies speak to you directly, showing you what the body needs and guiding you in how to address these needs.

But you don’t have to wait until you are an advanced practitioner to begin learning how to hear the body’s language!  We created a live course, “Energy Testing, Intuition, and Beyond,” taught by Madison King, which can still be viewed online.  Donna’s Advanced Course, “Playing with the Frequencies,” is also available from our website.

And now, Ellen Meredith’s book, The Language Your Body Speaks: Self-healing with Energy Medicine (New World Library), goes into wonderful depth in exploring this territory. Donna was so impressed with the book that she provided it with one of her rare Forewords.