3-Day Advanced Workshop Designed to Expand Your Skills as an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner!

Taught by our senior practitioners, this conference will give you real-world, hands-on, advanced techniques to help reinvigorate your practice and equip you to handle even the toughest cases.

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Dr. Sara Allen (pictured above) is one of our 4 senior-level, advanced teachers

Eden Method Practitioners Conference
October 27-29, 2023
Recordings Included

Come learn new skills and connect online with fellow practitioners from all over the world.

Are you one of our dedicated practitioners, tirelessly working to heal and uplift others with energy medicine? 

Do you ever find yourself feeling isolated in your practice, yearning for a community of like-minded professionals who truly understand the unique challenges and triumphs you face?

Come join us online for the Eden Method Practitioners Conference!

Together, we will create an environment where practitioners from all over the world unite, igniting a transformative journey to up-level our skills and foster a deep sense of connection.

Join us and your vibrant community as we embrace a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and uplift one another in our shared mission to bring healing energy to the world.

4 Advanced, Practitioner-Level Workshops

During the Practitioners Conference, you will have the exclusive opportunity to engage in four high-level, advanced classes meticulously crafted with working practitioners like you in mind. These classes are tailored to provide in-depth, cutting-edge information that will propel your skills to new heights. 

Dive deep into the intricacies of energy medicine as our esteemed instructors, seasoned experts in their respective fields, share their wealth of knowledge and techniques garnered through years of experience. Gain invaluable insights and refine your practice, enhance your abilities, and amplify the impact you make in the lives of those you serve.

This is an experiential class with lots of hands-on practice so you can practice and embody the new techniques and protocols you'll be learning in class. 

These classes are a gateway to unlocking the true potential of your energy medicine practice and taking it to extraordinary levels of mastery.

Here's The Trainings You'll Receive from Our 4 Exceptional Teachers over the Course of 3 Days!

Friday, October 27

Deepening Insight and Promoting Wellness 
A Journey through the Wisdom of 5 Rhythm Model

Taught by Lisa Buford
EEM-AP, Brain Gym Instructor, Advanced EFT Practitioner

The utilization of the Advanced Star Diagnostic forms the foundation for prioritizing and deepening emotional work with clients, revealing patterns and addressing emotional suffering at a profound level. This diagnostic tool is renowned for its illuminating, elegant, deep, and efficient nature.

Finger Modes serve as a versatile resource, allowing for efficient narrowing down of options and facilitating the initiation of action. They also prove valuable in the realm of prioritization.

Exploring the 5 Rhythm model opens up new avenues for personal growth, as it involves installing new mental software that enables individuals to transition from survival mode to a state of thriving. Within this framework, practitioners can qualify an issue and effectively prioritize goals, even when clients are uncertain. The 5 Rhythm model also fosters clarity and expands perspective, leading to profound insights. Lastly, in setting goals and defining session priorities, practitioners uncover and clarify from an expanded perspective, establishing the paramount focus for each session and determining the optimal direction to achieve desired outcomes.

You will learn:

  • How to Qualify and Prioritize an Issue
  • How to Set Goals
  • A Quick Way to Check the Involvement of Front, Mid +/or Back Brain
  • A New Way to End a Session to Integrate the Work that has Been Done
Lisa Buford

Lisa Buford is an Eden Energy Medicine founding faculty member, an Advanced Practitioner, and teacher in all four years of EEM Certification Program. Currently, she has the privilege of being on the Wisdom Council.

Lisa has been in private practice for over 20 years.  Additionally, she is certified as an Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (EFT) and has been a licensed Brain Gym Instructor and Consultant since 1997.  Lisa has been published in Energy Medicine and Brain Gym Journals. She has presented at IGEEM (now known as Energy Fest) twice and has been a keynote speaker for Headstart.

She comes to any situation with passion, skill, wisdom, and humor. Lisa loves to share, teach and work with clients to improve their quality of life. Her clients learn to thrive not just survive. Her goal is to inspire and empower everyone she meets and to spread the magic, Donna’s Magic!

Passionate – Present - Authentic - Generous - Courageous - Soulful - the ‘Real Deal'!

“When I think about Lisa Buford these words/phrases come to mind immediately: Passionate – Present - Authentic - Generous - Courageous - Soulful - the ‘Real Deal’ ... Lisa Buford is a role model for inspiration, human connectivity, how to stand in one's truth, and this is all reflected in her teaching style as well. She is passionate about the work that she teaches and delivers it to her students until the lessons are fully comprehended. My deepest respect and gratitude to Lisa Buford. She has inspired me to be the best version of myself and begin a journey that is meant to be!"

- Prabha, Level 1 Student

Saturday, October 28

A Love Story: The Marriage of Triple Warmer and Circulation Sex

Taught by Sara Allen, Ph.D. EEM-AP

The Energy Body has two distinct Systems that are involved in every single interaction happening in our bodies right now. Trillions of chemical, electrical, and hormonal, exchanges taking place...right this moment...the macro and the micro...all simultaneously.

How busy our bodies are in any given moment is clearly just too big a concept for our human minds to track.  BUT we have two energy systems that administrate and oversee every single minute transaction, every minute, of every day, from conception to last breath.

These mind-boggling large jobs belong to the systems of Triple Warmer and Circulation Sex.

It is the interplay between these two systems that holds the true antidote to mastering the nonproductive - and usually destructive tendencies - that an out of balance Triple Warmer can wage.  Circulation Sex is the true “Triple Warmer Whisperer”.

Understanding the power of Triple Warmer is only one side of our journey as Eden Energy Medicine Practitioners in our quest to tame the difficult Triple Warmer pattern so many of us encounter.  The study of the intricate nuances of the system of Circulation Sex, and the interchange that CX has with TW, gives the practitioner an entire new skill set. The CX story creates an entirely new way of working with TW, an entirely new perspective, that will serve both the practitioner and the beautiful souls that seek us for restoration.

Sara Allen

Dr. Sara Allen, PhD is a doctorate level holistic health practitioner. She has studied extensively food as medicine as well as supplemental & herbal medicine. Her specialty is a particular self brand of energy medicine– best described as a combination of ancient Chinese and East Indian modalities that are systemized via energy kinesiology. She is deeply skilled in Eden Energy Medicine, Pranic Healing, Touch for Health, EFT, Advanced Psych-K, Animal Energy Medicine, and she just cannot stop talking about the fascinating world of German New Medicine.

Exactly what you want in an advanced teacher!

“She is exactly what you want in an advanced teacher: Deep knowledge, deeper wisdom, accessibility and joy.  I, for one, am always excited when I see her name in the billing.  I know I'm about to get my Radiant Circuits uplifted as I also uplevel my skill sets and understanding to ever higher levels. "

- Lauren Walker, Founder EMYoga

An Old Dog's Wisdom

Taught By Debra Hurt, EEM-AP

Now that the Daily Energy Routine and the Fundamentals of the Eden Method have been spread around the world, it might be useful to take a deeper look into the tests and corrections. 

Class will focus on the "why" of how the tests are done.  

Some have been "abbreviated" over the years, creating a loss of opportunity for capturing more subtle imbalances.  

Debra recently "retaught" the Dehydration Test to her small group at class 8 and students were fascinated by her explanation of how it works. 

You will leave Debra's class with a renewed and deeper understanding of how energy runs in the body and how to capture the subtleties behind blockages and flow.

Debra Hurt

After thirteen years in the professional theatre as a Stage Designer and Scenic Artist, Debra began her study of Energy Kinesiology with Touch for Health in 1985, building on a lifelong fascination with art and energy.  Since then she has studied a variety of techniques with leaders in the field including Donna Eden, Richard Utt, Dr. John Thie, and Gordon Stokes among others.  She has also studied other holistic therapies and esoteric material.  

In addition to her many certifications, Debra is a founding member of the faculty of Eden Energy Medicine.

Simply one of the best teachers I know!

Debra is skillfully able to weave seamlessly the wisdom of Water, the dynamism of Wood, the fun of Fire, the nurturing of Earth and the depth and structure of Metal - simply one of the best teachers I know!"

- Madison King

Sunday, October 29

Building Resilience through the Energies of the Back

Taught by Michelle Earnest, EEM-AP, RN, FNP-BC, MSN, DMin

The back of the body is a buffer. It is a wall that provides structural and energetic stability to the body. The strong muscles and bony anatomy of the back help protect against physical injury, guard our vulnerable internal organs, and provide strength and support for movement. On an energetic level, the back of the body is home to a host of energetic flows and structures  that undergird the essential resilience and stability of our energy systems. The back of the body is a defensive shield against whatever the world is throwing at us!

In the world of energy, the major disruptor of flow and stability is shock. It undermines our basic balance, breaches the security around our immune function, and provides a platform for chronic imbalance to emerge as illness and infirmity. The Bladder meridian is particularly vulnerable to shock. Acting like a crossing gate in front of train tracks, it shuts down access to the vital energies and structures of the back when shock tries to enter. But, if the gate doesn’t go down, shock moves in. When this action goes unchecked, every energy system in the body is affected.

Ah, but the body is so wise! The back is full of energetic way-posts that can arrest, hold, and  attempt to dissipate this intruding energy. From Shock points to Shu points and everything in between, this class will explore how and where shock lodges in the back and teach a simple, effective, and profound protocol for releasing it and building greater resilience in the body.  We all need to have someone holding our back, but the best person to do that for you, is you!

 What will be taught:

  • Effect of shock on the energy systems
  • Energetic anatomy of the back
  • Shock buffers, holders, and releasers
  •  Resilience builders (such as Kidney/Mingmen, RCs, back Diamond)
  • A protocol for clearing retained energetic shock in the body “explore, release, restore, rebuild”
Michelle Earnest

Energy Medicine is my passion and life’s work! I’ve been a faculty member of the Eden Method Certification Program since 2013 and had the honor of being the Director of Education for the program for five years. I currently teach at all levels of the program, and maintain a private energy medicine practice in New Hampshire.

With a Master degree in Nursing and a Doctorate in Ministry, my educational background is rich and varied. Professionally, I’ve been a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner for over 30 years, worked as a Hospital/Hospice Chaplain  after completing seminary in 2010, and have embraced an integrative approach to health and healing for as long as I can remember. I teach classes and workshops on all aspects of energy medicine, as well as the spirituality of healing, to students from all walks of life. 

A depth of knowledge that blows me away!

“Michelle is by far the best teacher I've had in all my educational experience. She combines organization with personal insight into the work and a depth of knowledge that blows me away. She made energy medicine REAL for me and helped me to see the beauty and sacredness of what I was learning."” 

- Certification Program Student
(Taken from anonymous class evals)

Join Us ONLINE for an Incredible Experience!  

Over the past three years, we have dedicated ourselves to making the online learning experience a wonderful and connecting experience for both our viewers and teachers.  It's important that you feel a part of the class and have a great learning experience.  

That it be interactive and easy to follow.

That you have a way to connect with fellow students and ask questions of the teachers.

That you FEEL like the teachers are beamed right into your living room.  

Our practitioner moderated online chat will connect you with fellow students from all over the world.

In fact, there is so much valuable information shared in the chat people are always asking us for copies after class. (And yes, we provide them right along with your recordings.) 

So, join us online and up-level your skills while feeling a part of our beautiful practitioner community.

Plus, we are so confident you will love class, we offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee just to be sure you give class a try!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee for Live Streamers! 

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