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"Energy medicine has been amazing in my life."

My anxiety has really changed. The results I had came fast and I already feel so much better. Each day I feel like I am getting stronger and stronger.

Alexandrea Bryceson

Alexandrea Bryceson

"Sam has been a huge wealth of knowledge for me as my own speaking has grown from strength to strength."

I'm pre-diabetic, and it was scary when my legs suddenly began to feel numb. I took the first chapter in Donna's course and used her daily 5-minute energy routine, concentrating on the part that included my legs. No kidding - within 24 hours the numbness was gone.

Carol Strickland

Carol A. Strickland

"I totally cured my 'allergies'."

I was allergic to all solanaceas and onions and garlic and wine and (longer term) cats which was cured too and surprised me even more!...

Liz Crichton

Liz Crichton