L1 2020-21 Junia Chou Fremont CA

Experience Your Own Healing Power and Take Control Of Your Health!

Level 1: Fundamentals Classes in Fremont, California

Taught by Junia Chou, DNM, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, and Alice Adeboi, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner

Study the fundamentals of Eden Energy Medicine in a small, supportive setting and get the training you need to make a huge impact on your own health and the health of your family, friends, or current clients.

Meet Your Teachers For The Next Year!

Our teachers are the best of the best - caring, supportive, and highly trained to give you the personalized instruction you need to develop your healing skills. All our Level 1: Fundamentals Teachers go through a high-level training program to qualify to teach Level 1: Fundamentals. The quality of your training is of utmost important to us and classes are intentionally kept small so you can get the individual attention you need.

Junia Chou

Junia Chou is passionate about empowering self-healing thru holistic wellness education. Junia draws upon her professional training in Natural Medicine, Energy Medicine, Hypnotherapy, Touch for Health, and Massage Therapy with her experience in teaching K-12 Mind-Body Wellness and Adult Health Education to deliver impactful classes and sessions. "To dedicate 16+ full days to this special and intensive Energy Medicine training is powerful! My intention is to meet your dedication, and make our magical journey together enjoyable, applicable, and meaningful. Be prepared to leave with new life-enriching loving connections to a vibrant sisterhood and brotherhood community, and equipped with potent effective tools to care for yourself and others, increasing vibrant health in many areas of your life! Cheers to a transformative and powerful 2020!"

Alice Adeboi

Alice Adeboi is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP), EEM Foundation Instructor, authorized EEM for Women Class Instructor, Certified Acutonics Sound Healing Teacher, BioGeometry Advanced training with Doreya Karim and Dr. Robert Gilbert, Pranic Healing with Master Stephen Co

Class Details

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To register for this class, contact Junia Chou at (510) 985-9288, by email, or visit her website at: schedulejunia.as.me/Fundamental2020Class1

Then, place your deposit to reserve your spot, using the button below.


Class 1: April 16 - 19, 2020
Class 2: July 9 - 12, 2020
Class 3: December 3 - 6, 2020
Class 4: February 11 - 14, 2021


Thursday: 1:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Sunday: 10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


We have many hotels, motels, and Airbnb options nearby (within 2-5 miles of the facility).

We are also within 10-15 min walking distance (~1 mile) from Union City Bart Station.


Please bring your own notebooks, laptop, chargers, seat pillows, sandals, blankets, thermos and bottle, snacks, or anything else to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. You may feel free to bring your own lunch for lunch break, or order from 3 plazas of various grocery stores and restaurants nearby.


Cycles of Awakening, 35479 Lotus Pond Common, Fremont, CA 94536

Our facility is a hidden gem and holistic sanctuary near the Silicon Valley, nestled on the borderline of two cities: Fremont and Union City. And we are located next to 500-acres of beautiful Quarry Lakes Regional Parkland, so if your GPS acts funny, you may route to the address directly across the street from the entrance pathway to the facility's main gates: Autowise Automotive, 35194 Alvarado-Niles Rd, Union City, CA 94587

Reserve Your Spot in Class and
Receive 3 Bonus Trainings!

The tuition for the Level 1: Fundamentals Classes is US $995.00 per class. Tuition covers handouts, meeting space, teaching staff, evaluation and feedback of written tests and demonstrations between classes, and ongoing evaluations to keep you moving forward. Some additional class materials will be required.

Please contact your teacher to make sure there is room in the class!

To reserve your spot, place a US$300 deposit with Eden Method.
You'll receive 3 bonus trainings immediately:

The Energies of Love, The Essential Techniques, and Healthy Meridians: Healthy Body. 

Deposit: US$300.
Your deposit is refundable until the start of Class 1.  

Instant Access to 3 Great Bonus Videos When Your Reserve Your Spot

You'll immediately get access to 3 streaming videos to get you ready for class. These videos are highly informative and help you continue to apply Eden Energy Medicine to your life so you are healthier and happier. 

image of Fundamentals bonuses

Bonus #1: Energy Medicine: The Essential Techniques
A 6 Hour Streaming Video with Donna
Jump start your training! Watch Donna as she demonstrates the essential Energy Medicine techniques from her best-selling book, Energy Medicine.

Bonus #2: The Energies of Love Class
Streaming Video Recording with Donna and David
Receive one of your required class materials for free. Have you ever wondered how energy affects your relatioships? Watch this class and learn how to set your relationship on a path of deep connection and caring.

Bonus #3: Healthy Meridians; Healthy Body
With Dondi Dahlin
Includes Special Bonus: Donna Eden Leads You in Tracing the 14 Major Meridians
This video is perfect for beginning students in Energy Medicine who are curious about how the body works as an energy system.

You'll get your deposit back! We'll apply it to your final payment.

Remaining payments are made directly to your teacher at each class.

NOTE: Your deposit will be applied to your Class 4 payment. Here's a summary of payments!

Class 1: US$995

Class 2: US$995

Class 3: US$995

Class 4: US$695

Cancellation policies are set by the individual Level 1: Fundamentals teachers.  Please contact your teacher for more information.

REQUIRED COURSE MATERIALS: (Special Level 1: Fundamentals Discount after you register with your teacher)

Energy Medicine book (preferably the 2008 version)
Energies of Love DVD (included as a bonus when you make your deposit)
Ethics Handbook for Energy Healing Practitioners
The Nine Energy Systems DVD