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3 Powerful Energetic Steps To Overcoming Business Challenges

In this FREE gift, Eden Method COO, Jeffrey McDonnell, shares energetic strategies for success that you won't learn in business school.

Thank you for tuning into the Global Energy Healing Summit with me. I am excited to share what I've discovered over my 30+ years of experience as a business leader. What I've learned might surprise you. You can heal your body with energy. And you can heal your business with energy too!

In this free gift, you'll receive 3 energy-based techniques to help you begin to tune into the energy of yourself and your business.

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Jeffrey McDonnell

26 years into my corporate leadership role, I was guided to follow my heart and spirit into Donna Eden's work.

However, as often is the case, the Universe had another plan in store for me, and soon I found myself utilizing my new found energy healing skills as the COO of Donna Eden's and David Feinstein's company. This is where it gets interesting because the Eden Method is NOT your usual company. It's the company of two of the most authentic and powerful energy healers and teachers alive today. Donna Eden and David Feinstein changed my world. 🙂

As you heard in the interview on the Summit, for the last 6 years I have had the opportunity to experiment with running a business energetically, consciously, and with heart. And I am happy and proud to say, it worked. And what I have for you today, is a free download to get you started on the path to your own success!