Finding Relief from Chronic Neck Pain and Releasing Stuck Emotions With Energy Medicine

By Nancy S. Brown, RN

Nancy with Fundamentals teachers Sandi Roberts and Dianne Faure and classmates Neha and Suzanne (Nancy is the one to the right with floral overlay shirt and lime/yellow undershirt).

I am a seasoned Cardiac Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse who just completed Level 1: Fundamentals in my first year (2019) of the Eden Method Certification Program. This experience has resulted in significant and profound personal healing simply by being present in the East Coast class led by Sandi Roberts of Frederick, Maryland and her Teaching Intern Dianne Faure of Bethesda, Maryland. I have struggled with chronic neck pain since August 2006 and acute sciatica pain since October 2018.

When I began my first class in Spring 2019, I was recovering from acute sciatica whereby I was unable to sit on any surface for longer than 20-30 minutes. I began performing the Daily Energy Routine (DER) every day almost without fail, beginning on the first day of Class 1. I attribute the distinct beginning and sustained improvement (resulting in almost immediate and complete resolution of my acute sciatica) directly to using Donna’s DER. THANK YOU, DONNA!!

In the Summer 2019 class, I volunteered for Sandi’s demonstration of the Neurovascular Hold (NVH). She instructed me to bring something to mind that I needed clarity on as she held one hand on my forehead and the other supporting the back of my head. Since my divorce of December 2018, the family separation that ensued, financial disagreements, and chronic pain-- I had a lot on my mental/emotional plate. 

Let’s just say a lot of clarity was needed in a lot of areas of my life in that moment. I had not yet shed many tears nor really begun to emotionally process any of my recent major life changes.  

Not until Sandi used the NVH technique on me. She provided me the gateway to touch into those deep, difficult emotions and allow them to rise to the surface of consciousness.

This technique provides a sense of mental safety. Within this safety, the calm flow of information that I had struggled with and/or had not known before, rose and guided me to greater heights of knowing, personal growth, health and healing.   

Her application of the NVH began the emotional flow that, up to this point, had been stunted. My ability to grieve and process my current major life stressors began with Sandi’s NVH.   

It amazes me how such a simple, brief technique can provide instantaneous processing and profound subsequent healing of hidden, deep rooted issues. Sandi and the healing she activated by using Energy Medicine will forever be a part of my personal healing story. THANK YOU, SANDI!!

In the Fall 2019 class, I again volunteered, this time for Dianne Faure’s use of the Pain Chasing technique.  I had had chronic neck spasms/pain since 2006. I eventually had a plate/screws placed at C4/C5 in 2013, but the chronic fatigue/spasm/pain continued with only minimal improvement post-surgery. 

My pain rating was 6-7/10 before Dianne started the Pain Chasing technique along the Small Intestine (SI) meridian. There was a lot of pain generalized to the left side of my neck/upper shoulder area, which was my normal pain experience.  Dianne spent approximately 30-40 minutes slowly, methodically, inching her way along the SI meridian. 

I remember feeling movement/lightness in the neck area during the session, where the generalized pain seemed to pool together. Immediately after the session, I rated my neck pain 2/10—at most—and had movement of my neck that would normally cause pain….NOT CAUSE PAIN!    

Now, five months after that session, my neck pain remains 80% improved for the majority of the time! Dianne and the profound physical healing she generated with her use of Energy Medicine will also forever be a part of my personal healing journey. THANK YOU, DIANNE!!

The depth of personal healing I have attained in just my first year of training has enabled me to be a direct witness to the phenomenal healing capability of Energy Medicine. This profound and lasting healing using Donna’s simple, self-applied techniques and practices is where I and the rest of the world will begin to find real and lasting healing.  THANK YOU, ENERGY MEDICINE!!