Throat Chakra & the Vortex of Confusion: The Energy Anatomy of the Body-Throat-Head Network

 “The longest journey you will ever make is the 18 inches between the heart and the brain.”  - Gregg Braden

About Sara

Sara Allen has been a student of Donna Eden’s since 1998. She has been an Advanced Practitioner (AP) of Eden Energy Medicine since 2001. Dr. Sara was an original founding member of the Eden Energy Medicine School in 2006. Dr. Sara has been a practitioner of subtle energy systems ranging from Reiki, Jin Shin, EFT, Touch For Health, Psych K, German New Medicine, and Animal Energy Medicine for over 35 years. She is a doctorate level wholistic health practitioner. Despite her long list of interests and expertise, her primary passion is all things Eden Energy Medicine: private practice, teaching regional classes, Eden Energy Medicine School faculty and advisor, with her favorite interest being the mentoring and development of EEM students into extraordinary practitioners with thriving energy practices.

Class Description

The energy pathways in the throat and neck - between the body and the mind - are some of the most complex energy relationships in our biology.  Gregg Braden states: “The longest journey you will ever make is the 18 inches between the heart and the brain.”  I had a client say to me recently: “Please remember that my mind tells my body and my mouth to do all sorts of wonderful things constantly, but they don’t obey.”  


This age-old problem has its roots in the complexity of how energy travels from the body, through the throat passages, to the mind – and back down again.  The Throat Chakra is the mediator between the mind and the body and in this mini class we will discuss the energy anatomy of the upper chest and throat.  

This class examines how that energy moves and how that energy gets stuck. This mini class also reveals deeper insight into the throat chakra chambers and deeper insight into those chambers’ relationship to the brain.  

The Window of the Sky Points – points that are exclusive to the throat chakra and anciently known to improve the flow of energy between the heart and the mind -- will have a special focus.  The WOTS Points will be mapped out and discussed as ways to gain access to the smooth flow of chi between the body and the mind.

Students in this class will walk away with a greater insight to the spiritual aspects of understanding the Window of the Sky Points, connecting the Mind of the Heart with the Mind of the Brain.  Students will also discover new ideas of how the Throat Chakra Chambers and the Window of the Sky points contribute to healing all throat chakra health issues.


Class Details

Date: Thursday, September 8, 2022
Time: 8:30am – 11:30am
Cost: $79 (does not include meals)

Registration: Coming soon 


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